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Absolutely and you know that's the effects of the ice angie's has converts an enzyme is all to do with water retention and so retention but one of the things that they find diets was that all that they discovered was when they were looking at endurance athletes pretty much all good endurance athletes had a certain variation of this particular gene and people that were a bit more focused on strengthen powerrelated tried in had is completely different variation and fee you you have two copies of the variation which would imply no less of a tendency towards long drawnout passenger at i've stuff in oregon or the strength and power sorry from a volume of training perspective quite low volume train him but in terms of recovery when you add in at one of the genes which we look at that has an effect on recovery will has an effect on the recover ability of fast which muscle you carry one copy of the gene variation which means you produce a protein that actually enhance his or improves your speed of recovery so that yes you should be doing low volume train m but you should definitely bitter in a lot more trained in that focuses on acceleration sorry the the the lift part of the movement lifting a fast let me i i'm not let me let me give a little bit of entries asian or lease so you're saying that uh i i am quick but but don't of speed right i'm so unnerved no endurance who show when i played football american football up i was a defensive lineman and i was the fastest person off the line i could get into the back fuel before anybody else could even see what was going on and then i had to watch the play go by me because i as the end of it it was it was a burst and then that was it was over up to that well really interesting because you have the towards by the parents strength combination here with the ice gene and the recovery ability and the fast which activation and and and and a bullet sick little into the fast which muscle but another entrust in one is a gene called the mcat one gene which actually adds weight to what you just said because the nct one protein at she carries lactic acid into muscle cells too bright.

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