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I mean, it was like, and you saw the ratings. I think the average 6 million viewers. I mean, it was massive, right? And part of what made that awesome is that it was a fun game that was still in the balance in the final minute. Final seconds. Final minute. And then we had that first national semifinal San Diego state forward Atlantic and it was awesome because it was up for grabs literally until the final set horn. And then we didn't have that really in the second semifinal. It's a little less interesting. I hope we get a competitive game. I hope we get a close game. And I'm thrilled that San Diego state is in this position after, you know, having that 30 and two season end in 2020, the way it ended. Obviously, nobody got a shot to win the national championship in 2020 because that tournament was canceled. But not everybody would have had a shot, a real shot to win it, had we played it. But San Diego states one of the teams that would have. And I remember making this point about San Diego state and back then. Okay, Kansas was going to be a one seed. And they lost the opportunity to play that out. But like Kansas is always going to have an opportunity to win a national championship. It's Kansas. Same goes for duke and Gonzaga and you name it. For San Diego state and Dayton in that year, you wonder. Will they ever be in this good of a position again to make a final four to win a national title? And here we are just three years later and saying they will see is in the national title game as a 5 seat. It's a tremendous story. They've only lost once since February 1st, we made a paid a lot of attention to farted. It's 35 and three. Well, it's any state's now 32 and 6. It's a good basketball team. And obviously an elite defensive basketball team. But they are a significant underdog and most people expect them to lose. Pretty convincingly, which is the reason the point spread has already moved in the direction it's moved. So I just hope we get a good game. And I won't be surprised if we do. How's our hourly fans doing? How's what? How's our alley fans doing? You know what? Can we retire yet? I don't think we can retire yet. We gotta get our alley fans account off the off the ground. That seems like an off season project, you know? Right now we're kind of in the middle of it. I'm doing television shows and writing columns and podcasts and kind of in the middle. I'm a little too consumed right now to continue to pursue our alley fans account, but we'll get there. We've got a long off season. Just two days away, strong, jaw. We got a, we got a long, off season, just two days away. Love it. Hey man, I know how not fun it is, sitting around waiting for me to get offset while you're at home. I mean, it's where you live. You're in the central time zone just like I'm in the central time zone right now. So it's one ten as opposed to two ten eastern, but still. I know that's not fun. So I appreciate you being here and staying up for me. And I owe you forever. Anything for you. Anything you're the best strong jaw. Shouts to David Downey. Shouts to Chester, South Carolina, Chelsea hook, Chelsea lawr now. Thank you guys once again for listening, watching the aisle college basketball podcast. If you're not subscribed, please go subscribe anywhere you subscribe to podcasts, including Apple podcasts and Spotify over at Apple. Leave a nice review. 5 stars type some words. There's more of us than there are of them. That needs to be reflected in the comments. Obviously, when you're in a final four, you bump into a lot of coaches and stuff, had a prominent coach. You walk up to me the other day. He said, GP. Smash it like you're breaking Davies. And it's just not the word you expect to ever hear out of somebody's mouth, you know? There's more of us. There is, though, that's a fact. And I'm glad and I'm glad that I'm glad that people have come around on that. Is controversial when I first started this movement in favor of premarital sex, but I feel like not only am I on the right side of history, I'm now in the majority and I feel like I always was just more now socially acceptable. Thank you guys for staying up late, not just strong job, but all of you here live. And if you happen to be in Houston, mat norland and I will be doing a live podcast at noon central, nada, can you turn your mic on and tell people where it is 'cause I have no idea. And I've got to be there at some point soon. And I have no idea where it is. Why don't you feel people in? Tell me where it's at and then everybody else. We listen in as well. We are at the fan fest at the George R Brown convention center. We are going to be there, as you said, 12 noon, central time, and we're going to have a live podcast on CBS. Sports headquarters. That's all I know at this point, but be there at the George R Brown convention center, you'll be able to find this very, very easily. All right, cool. I'm gonna punch that in my phone right now. Now see the rest of you. When I see the rest of you, everybody have a good night. We'll talk to you again

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