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Breath sim cooks. And tom childs. We previously talked about our three key. Points to the offense. But we're now going to take turnouts tensions to three key points on the defensive side of the ball and i wanna start off. We wanna. Hey which. I'm real seen chris jones trying to wreak havoc on this forty nine is offensive. Line having jarran reed that kind of ankle that freedom guy to chris jones can be because john rate is in his corner. I'm a bit disappointed. The fact that we might not have frank clark. Playing in this game with him being questionable. It would've been nice. Say konin is I mean can it. I mean we know that these defense ends are going to generate some pressure. You wanna quote on any quarterback but it would just would have been nice to see a thing in a preseason game yeah definite unlimited napster. We don't seem them for oil if we could have seen the base of Nadi jari chris. Gianfranco elaine downs seahawk. Obscene tekere channel may be my dana. Come in and chris. Johns kicking side and having john's jewelry greek and have it from the inside that would have been annoys to do preview of the cities. He's the worst. Being wild decrease jarring news as in going to be fully on shower. This this off season preseason because we go money on him now on winning defensive player the of any free pound on him to win defensive player of the year hundreds of one now site. Can i stuff. Why twenty three pound. Because he's going to get twenty three sacks and bright erectile district. Is that what it was. And i think you just thinking off. The flyer did not genuine genuine curiously. Nafo how. How much does your point four. Six twenty three stacks. Oh since the beginning. What would what's he needs to do so win defensive by the because he's a big time he still like not completely seen as a superstar by love people in the league even though he is so thinking what does. He need to do to win defensive. By the lincoln piaster lead the league in sacks simply has late the league in sats saw offering how many southwards taken originally i was thinking about putting nineteen pound fifty on maybe nineteen sacks now for nine twenty six. He's going to break. A record is going to break. Michael strahan's record or equally. I can see what you couldn't from that i mean. I hope that comes true. Make you'd be a very rich guy after. That wouldn't yeah being osman at three thousand dollars before a garnett kansas city next year. That'd be fun. But i brought to the game. Yeah it is fun to say. Like saying chris johns potentially if you go in opposite trent williams. Your may the love of the i'm lost. That's trent williams. It'd be nice to see if he's back it'd be nice if he does. He might know he went on up on the opposite side. Because obviously that's inside. That frank caught only on the right hand. Side may probably be interested christians as he's a hand in the on the left hand side but yet you're right say the defensive line as a whole would have been nice but at the same time seeing john. The cheese foam seeing chris. Johns land is going to be fun. It should be a fun. Wash the one series and we say it. Yeah the obviously. I really hope we say Front clock this time. Because i remember you saying that You saw a claw can read at the Over linden yeah anywhere. The and you said it was such a phenomenal kind of game that you saw from the It'd be really we get that from the movie or the seahawks. Playing the rate is at wembley in two thousand sixteen. What it will come my been. That year was one of the best games. I've ever seen from like an individual tape on the seahawks phenomenal day. Russell wilson was amazing. Taught logs amazing. But john reid. I've especially frank clock was incredible Yeah i think it was like nothing. Two thousand nineteen but yeah jr. frank call down. Particularly diet was incredible. When's it'd be nice to see if he can recapture he seahawks own with jared inside of him but we've got to white for that if we have to wait two week one to see it and so the second part we wanted to raise is the fact that the chiefs of got some really good time. Youth plays young players that either you know. Basically demands starts now or are on the cusp of being honest about his especially. I mean the main guy. The moment is oversee luxurious. Need everybody ever really high on this kid And you know hopefully has the grits as like you did Last season knick bolton mi- guy really hope z. some some big plays from bolton An inception would be nice and a preseason game just to sell those nerves. I think from him And josh canedo as well which i think was he already on I think yeah. He's he's questionable to play at the moment but we nice to see him in this game But yeah we have it. I think it's it's credit already to You know to the chiefs organization freshly getting these plays in vixen which has been playing. A blind with these isn't he. Yeah we mentioned earlier. How like the guys that missing out that bree. Long list of absentees are opens up opportunities full of us and no one else benefits more not than the young players because they don't expect to gain opportunity unless they're a high draft pick you guys have taken the place in also surrounds in some that are on drafters. Look at them again. Case going to get decent snaps tomorrow and the one on the foods obscene putting my dino so often the opportunity for montana and there's a bit of buzz around him is training camp. Her hasn't had the great accounts. Alexandra for con- stay healthy so as opportunities that but might be nice to how he gets on smirnov islamic side. Terrace need. he's now not an unknown quantity. Everyone knows about jerry nate. Now everyone in the league knows about him to be interesting to see how he deals with like. He saw moore season and now is expected to be a leader in that defensive backfield alongside. Taro matthew. That's gonna be a lot of guys looking at him aloft. Fans looking for him and Coaches looking at him to be guys. I it'd be interesting to see how he steps up into that talk about this year as about as opposed to being a belly comfortable position last year but as we keep saying is opportunity. It's all opportunities older. Preseason at about is nominated to put some films together and these guys have to take it. They have to make this. They can make themselves on drug. I think go good collection of young players. There might be out to do it. The likes of sneed the likes of owen. The likes devon devon. Kate pero now you'll get your opportunities. Layer is just the thing that we could really have a really youthful defense near get those players are always having to think lost last night but wendy's crazy for a run and i was listening to a podcast talking about. They were talking about Being a gm and planning for the future..

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