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It was just three days. Ago. The der Maury is giving a press conference literally up against a wall trying to answer questions about Carmelo Anthony. And why he was not going to be with the team for the rest of this road trip. And what was going to happen with him warriors, obviously going through with they've been going through for the last forty eight hours. Both of these franchises are in places. They did not expect and here they are playing each other. And he's going to be a little bit of a test as who can put themselves back together enough to play good basketball and beat the other guy. So great game. I'll be in the building say, Tracy McGrady. We'll be in Houston for that one coming up. We'll talk a little bit about to me Butler who is set to make his view as a six or tonight versus the magic the NBA does not stop. We will discuss his fit with his new team. I are distant replay. This is nine hundred ninety seven this date visa bonus. Give me some bones. She again, if you. Later. Chris ladies. Graciousness troubling long to was on the line replay. Seriously. Wouldn't tracking the domestic dust bunny? You come to find them hiding under wardrobes next to soaks. Due to scurry off. What's fascinating about the dust bunny is that although they actually section creatures when the saves people money, but a ninety seven percents customer satisfaction rating of us to them you should switch because Yesler. Switching to Geico is a no brainer. Ono is the dust from his only natural on the one doesn't on is run..

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