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Oh like they could really do something now. A guy who little five yards can take it to house on any given play like. Hopefully atari killed type. Guy agree news. Eric enemy being a candidate for the usc job hot news or not news. Dang razzano. I'm saying not news for two reasons. One being me should be a candidate for for a lot of coaching jobs. And for some reason hasn't been also. I don't think it's going to happen. I think he around and goes for an nfl job. Which at some point. I believe he'll get so. I'm going to go with not news on those two fronts for eric enemy and the usc connection higher bmi. Yes or no not news at org. The enemy is a kansas city. Chiefs office coordinator. In the second week of football season he will continue to be the office coordinator of the kansas city chiefs in such do time that an nfl job opens up. Therefore usc is continuing to do our search and we will. At some point time come to the conclusion that will hire a football coach confident. Pi dan graziano. My name is keyshawn. Johnson and i will not be running for president of the united states. News hot news. I liked the idea of bmc before it was even reported It makes sense to me. Dan graziano hot news or not news. The colts being part of an in-season hard knocks who is in say news. Because i think by the time it's on. I'm not sure who's going to be left standing for the indianapolis colts that roster is. It's not baltimore but it's in pretty bad shape in terms of how beat up they are my concern. Is that by the time. This airs in mid november coats aren't contenders anymore. Because they have this rough start to the season and they're already so banged up. So i'm going to say not news and hope i'm wrong. 'cause i like a good entertaining hard. Knock see hot news for me because why the hill with the indianapolis colts agree to do such a thing when you trying to win football games if focusing on gain planning and not having some goofy stuff run around so people could see a train rick. Doing the season zero wait wait. So what's the answer. Why you ask the question. What do you think the answer is. I have no idea. i'm no it doesn't make sense. Why why why would you do that. Candidates sense out of nonsense. If i was on that team they would get nothing out of maybe a waste of turn. I'm focused in on trying to beat the opponent. Not worrying about who's getting cut. Who's doing your way. Dan do you think frank reich gets carson wentz back to two thousand seventeen four. I think he's going to struggle because the issues are having on the offensive line early in the season i think once can we'll be able to play and he'll be okay. I think we saw a little bit of that in the first game but no tackles right now. I just don't think is in a position where you're going to see and able to maximize the i have never heard the media and also football people make more excuses for a player than for carson wentz. He is very talented is very talented. He's very talented. He's very tough. He's thursdays hater eighties. And drinking a lot of it cobb. Just telling you the truth about once. Every was not just you everyone salty because the giants game which you can't blame him. Why would they ever agree to do that. What that's what i'm saying. Is he ever. Gold is this is. This can't make sense out of nonsense situations. Dan when kiosk why would they agree to be on hard knocks the colts. They're a pretty accessible group. I mean chris. Ballard has a thing every year where he brings their beat reporters in after the draft and goes through like the process and takes. They like showing fans and media. Look at sort of how they do things. And i think the leadership there when you talk about when you talk about think. It's strong enough. That i just don't think the distraction element is going to be a factor for them. I think it's a. It's a pretty big team today. Dan intuit is a distraction then early plus three and a half versus the rams. Just say a bigger problems to get out of here guys. We have some bills to pay. That's dan graziano. Thanks dan on..

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