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Pay to play. We lived in a nation. And we watched it where American foreign policy was decided based on the cash going into the Clinton foundation. And don't let anyone tell you anything else. You know, Americans instinctively knew it. That's why we elected the outside or president. We know what we could feel it. And if nobody was going to prove it, we would do it at the polls. And that's what we did in twenty six. Thank you. Now. Jim thome? I know Jim Kolbe. His office was right next to mine. The United States turning the southern district. I was elected DA. All right. We did cases together. I like the guy doesn't matter irrelevant. What's relevant said? He's he's very very smart. He knew the Justice department. He was a deputy attorney general, and there is no way under the sun that a man of his intelligence warden understand that an investigation of a national figure needed to be done in the grand jury. But there was no grand jury panel. There were no search warrants there were no subpoenas, and they handed out immunity like candy. Do you know what immunity is do? You know, what we all know? I.

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