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That because the usual spurs season involves fifty plus wins and relatively a silent team and a team that goes on talked about and i think as always rather enjoyed that now forty two wins this season they're not too far off six place in the western conference but have been as high as third at certain times but we're used to the only talk coming out of san antonio being gregg popovich going on a long rant about some some you know so some current social topic having some harsh words so the president he's generally the guy that we hear from if we're hearing from anyone in the spurs locker room and other than that they just prefer to be left the hell alone but this year they've been more talked about than ever and the irony is that they've been more talked about because of the nba's most silent superstar in kuwait leonard who we know as miss sixty three sixty four some odd games due to injury now and now we're hearing reports so yesterday we got a quote for managing nobly talking about what the spurs team needs to expect going forward and his quote was he's not coming back referencing kawhi leonard for me he's not coming back because it's not helping to think leonard is returning we fell for a week ago i guess you guys made us fall for it but we have to think he's not coming back that we are who we are and that we gotta fight without him that shouldn't be changing at least until he's ready for the jump ball this we found out this statement came in response to and in the aftermath of a team meeting a players only team meeting which we know the dreaded players only team meeting means that the bleep is really hitting the fan this all reported by our own adrian origin hausky who provided some inside info on what went down and what was said during this players only meeting the spurs cleared out their locker room after their win over minnesota saturday night had a team only meeting they talked with leonard about their desire to have him back that they need him really implored him to try to come back here before the start of the playoffs into the playoffs and.

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