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In that, you know possession slot role, they like in the Andre Johnson at the. That would be a really good trio if they can. You know if James Washington is a legitimate seven to eight, hundred, nine, hundred yard kind receiver with Ben, and Klay Pool is a legit outside deep threat. Like that's that's a great trio, and again, you're still on rookie deals at be cheap. And that's kind of been their philosophy as as of late, just circling through those receivers on those rookie deals with Juju. You mentioned that in his stats will be twenty, eighteen Smith. Schuster. So what what are you calling for here I'm seeing around twelve hundred yards five or six touchdowns. Like. It's crazy that in Pittsburgh. That would be like, really that's all he's GonNa get that your number one, receiver, twelve, hundred yards, six touchdowns we yeah. That's you know that's Julio Jones the process. Aj Green numbers. That's big time number one receiver numbers. It's just not Antonio. Brown numbers. And two, thousand, eighteen we were in shootouts. Like ben was throwing just to keep us alive. That's that's a totally different system. I expect we're not throwing as much. This year I'm hoping we have leads I'm hoping we're running the ball late I want fewer possessions more leads more wins less passing yards. I think that's where we go and I think you see Judaism issues around twelve hundred and then you see him make a pro bowl. And He's he's going to be really good. He is really good they're gonNA. Put Him back in his role where he's at his best and Ben's going to actually use them. And I feel like I'm going to agree with you on that again and which you do Smith Schuster make sure we are giving away assigned Juju Smith Schuster Jersey courtesy of our friends from total sports enterprises. If I can get those words out analysts just struggling destroyed seriously if you think I'm wrong and you think juice day and around. Go sign enter the contest when yourself assigned JUJU SMITH SCHUSTER JERSEY. And you can show me I'm all. Zach and wear it. You put it on your wall and be like what's up Jeffrey Benedict On the team. You know what? Whenever, or when we pick that winner Friday night I'm GonNa specifically tell them if a jewelry signs, he's got to send you that pitcher. So we will will sure that happens but coming up up in part here we're going to transition to the the flip side of the ball and that cornerback spot and if you're listening onto our podcast platform, make sure to download and listen to part number two..

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