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Not. Same show president button and see what happens. Bird. All right. Well, maybe I don't know Kim. Do you want to tell us what's going on around the news, you we can do that? Sure. How about that Rb singer R Kelly has posted bond? His lawyer Steve Greenberg says you should walk out of jail within the hour. Earlier today Greenberg pleaded not guilty on his behalf to ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse involving four women three of those were underage when the assault occurred. I think we'll have a very tremendous summit that from President Trump before heading to Vietnam for his second meeting with North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN Trump and Kim are expected to discuss North Korea's pursuit of nuclear program. A construction worker who fell approximately fifteen feet into a trench on Niles park district property today was able to climb out before he was taken to the hospital. It happened in the sixty seven hundred block of Howard street. No word on his condition. And now WGN sports here's Kevin Powell Cam cactus league play under way out in the desert White Sox and giants tied at four in the seventh cubs with a split squad against the dodgers and Padres good news on Corey Crawford. The Blackhawks have. Activated him off the D L after missing a couple of months because of a concussion hawks still in the playoff hunt. But they're now five points back in the wildcard after dropping two straight over the weekend. They'll face the ducks Wednesday night in Anaheim, both Otto porter jR, Chris done or doubtful for tonight's bulls game against the bucks porter dealing with a lower leg strength missing morning shootaround because of migrant in college hoops, Duke freshman, Zion Williams settlements say second straight game with a mild right knee sprain. He suffered last week. Dukes at Virginia Tech. Tomorrow, mama the Blackhawks northwestern. Wildcats White Sox baseball, Kevin Powell WGN sports, your money, traffic and weather next on WGN. Love will conquer hate.

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