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In the morning and i just felt awesome like my niece. Felt terrific skating around. There's no problems and so i'm super enthusiastic about You know being in my first. Nhl playoff game. And so you go back to the hotel you have a buffet meal with the team and then just generally most players go to sleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon before the game and then you wake up get on the bus and go go into the rank and play the game. Well i woke up in the middle of that sweep and my knee felt like credit flintstone. Hit me with one of his You know Prehistoric clubs and So mind was in really rough shape. So i jumped in a cab and i went to the rank. The old Montreal form and i got there and the trainers there. And i'm just like fellas i i don't think i can play. My knee is out so we we on fire it is just so in any case they They introduced me the doctors again. The talk just put a little medicine in my need. They put that crappy back on again and lo and behold my felt good. I went up for warm up. Everything was fine And you know just maybe finish the story off by saying that. You know as i jumped on the ice for per shift Ryan walter two handed me in the back of the knee. I went straight to the My knee killed me for the rest of the game. We lost the game Which means that we were out So in a five or six game day period we went from being the president cup champions to being out of the playoffs and I'll just say that from that point forward. You know. I probably took every advantage. I could to slash line walter for the rest of my career. Let's talk briefly about boston. As a hockey town. I was there as a sportscaster for a period of time and they were really the the big cheese in the town. The ad the boston red sox of course were important and always have been patriots to some degree but just briefly. Tell me about boston as a hockey town. Well i think that You know again. It's an original six team right and so you know people in boston have been You know they've been bleeding black and gold since nineteen twenty four so this has been going on for a long long long long time When you look at the the college towns in boston proper so you know. We have the bean pot with b. a c. northeastern and harvard. So you know there. There is a very knowledgeable group of hockey fans in this town We're a little different sport because we put that helmet on. So you're not quite as recognizable Then maybe like the celtics players Or you know the red sox players But but i will say that during my career. I don't know how many times i would be at the soc shore mall in braintree massachusetts and you know people would just told me over. You know as. I'm walking down the hallway going from one store to the other. You know looking for an autograph or you know back in those days. No-one looked for a pitcher. Because you had to carry a camera and do that. You know nowadays. It's it's a little easier to do these things. I think that's what they call him anyway. but I have to tell you that the boston bruins was a very tradition-bound team The regina paths the junior team. I played for is the longest continuously running hockey team. franchise in canada And so i went from a you. Know a strong sense of tradition in junior to a great sense of prediction with the bruins and and just had a great opportunity. And the great. Fortune to play with guys like terry o'reilly and i don't want to name any names because there's so many of them they were all such and continue to be such great great friends of mine but you know i definitely like to sort of highlight terry. Because you know. Terry was you know he was the pitted. Me up ruin and You know all of us adored him as teammates and later on he was our coach. And you know the fans adored him as well and so you know that it was a great environment for an eighteen year old to grow up into. I sure let me list. Some of those teammates. Ray bork berry peterson. Rick middleton and of course cam. Nealy joined the team in eighty six. When you played with calgary at doug gilmour joe new and that's a pretty good list of names and teammates to let me switch gears with you on for a second you know athletes do certain things don't do certain things after their playing career is over with but you made a change. I mean you graduated from brown with a master's in cybersecurity. I've never heard of an athlete. That did that. What did you learn on the ice to prepare you for a rolling cloud based security and business data management. That says. that's a good one. So so when i finished playing I actually got accepted into northeastern university's nba program In one thousand nine hundred ninety two without an undergrad. So you know. My undergrad was in hockey Because they started playing nhl when i was eighteen So i graduated with my mba. I spent twenty two years in the asset management business. And i had just tremendous mentors not just in hockey but also in in in the asset management and business area and so you know i saw real high degree of personal success in asset management and i decided to retire back in two thousand fifteen and pursue a third career and so Back in nineteen. I graduated with my master of science degree in cybersecurity from brown and You know i would just say that I had a love affair with computers Going all the way back to the late seventy when no one really knew what a computer what's And so as a as a grade eleven student in high school. I would go to high school in the morning. I actually went to university in the afternoon and took College level computer science classes And then at night honesty and that was kind of my cycle and you know. I truly believe that if i hadn't played in the nhl. I probably would have been employee number two hundred at microsoft and so So there was always this deep interest In computers and and when i finished my invest my career. And i had this opportunity to get this Accreditation and education at brown It was just. It's been very very natural for me. in the last couple of years as a chief information security officer so we'll say ahead of cybersecurity you know business setting And i've also invested you know a good deal of my personal capital in early stage tech companies over the last three or four years as well. And and i mentor. A lot of founders in those areas As well but to get back to the cybersecurity I have You know my current role. I'm the we call it the sea. So the chief information security obser- for a fintech startup in toronto called future and we do at future is We are developing what what we call documented ecosystem so we're creating an environment where individuals can take their trusted and and and and and and important documents and essentially we put together a mechanism that allows them to store them out on the cloud in a very safe and secure way so that they know where their documents are. They know how they can get to their documents. They know the documents her stay safe. They won't burnt up in a fire or they won't get altered by someone that maybe make some changes to their documents and they can also permission other trusted advisers to get access to their to their to these documents. So maybe they give their tax accountant in march and april access to a certain set of documents so that the tax preparer can can put their their taxes together for a specific year when we only have a couple of minutes left. So i have to interrupt you here. And before i let you go. I do have to ask you about a guy that i met when i was in boston on television there. And that was jerry. Cheever's tell me a little bit about him as a coach. Because i know he coached at boston as well when you were there. So so jerry. With mike first. Nhl coach Very very often he would drive me back to my apartment when we came home After after road games. And you know terry arp or pardon me. Cheesy cheesy was just an absolute gentleman He loved he loved the horses. And you know whenever we got on the road and you know he could find track. You know you're more likely to see him You know while the players were taking those Sleeps before the game. You'd be more likely to see him out. It's attract doing some handicapping but You know i'll You know. I've always again remembered. Remember cheesy he you know. He has that old mask of his. Which i think over the years he's been offered just gigantic sums for but you know be played in a different era where there weren't a lot of excess os you know coaches really were just motivators and again as an eighteen year old in the nhl I was very fortunate to have To have cheesy You know gary doku left us a couple of years ago with the defenseman coach and saw cal was the assistant coach for the for the forwards. And between those three guys again you know. I got an undergrad and life. I got an undergrad in hockey. And you know i. I really enjoyed The time the cheesy and and that cohort of coaches were leading the charge of the bruins. Yeah as it was. You said it was a different time. I remember. cheever's also terry sawchuk another goalie with his mask as well. We only have about thirty seconds left. But tell me. Is there that one moment in your playing career. That's kind of engraved in evans mind. You'll never forget You know. I think i'd have to go back to the nineteen eighty eight Playoff run where we We ultimately lost to edmonton but but during that run we. We beat montreal. Canadian's out of home For the first time in anyone's memory That we beat montreal in a playoff series. And i remember reggie lemon who in that and i just remember that pump. You know that choi reggia. French canadian guy who you know. We finally montreal. That was that was definitely one of the one of the memories that you you know. You need to put in a special place. Well having thank you very much for sharing your career in your life as well especially post playing career. You're welcome here anytime on sports byline take care my friend right on. Thank you for the opportunity and everyone have a great day. Nevin mark art with us again. Former winger played nine seasons in the nhl primarily as a winger for the boston. Bruins season with calgary was drafted in the first round by boston and his mother named him after former toronto. 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