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Spread of viruses with Michael and Sons. German Sidle U. V C, Go to Michael and son dot com. Traffic and weather on the eighth Jack Taylor on the W T O P Traffic Center. Right. New trouble recorded now right in Montgomery County on the Beltway inner loop, moving Bethesda toward college Park. As you leave Connecticut Avenue headed toward Georgia Avenue. We may have a new crash trouble out on the Bay Bridge is on the westbound span. Seems like we've got a broken down vehicle in the center. Lane wanted left one to the right getting by. Hopefully, then get out of there quickly. 95 who knew delays building very quickly after 2 16 College reporter crash blocking the two center lanes just happened. You'll also find we've got traffic moving well on the Beltway topside outer loop coming around from 95 toward Georgia Avenue to seventies Good Frederick South toward the lane Divide. We're quiet between the Beltway's on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Looking just is good through Prince George's County out of college Park in a loop all the way down to the Wilson Bridge should find your travel lanes open. A We did have a little bit of a delay in the district on D. C. Tu 95 South After Eastern Avenue headed toward East Capitol Street. No worries. I Tu 95 North. You look good from Oxen Cove all the way up toward the 11th really No issues to speak of. Hopefully Adam Jinx anything. 95 3 95 66 Coming inbound. We're getting so much slower now inside the Beltway on 66 headed East. There's activity that was after Washington Boulevard in Elaine Divide the left side of the road ways Getting by right side was tied up with the crash cleanup In Sterling North Sterling Boulevard near East Holly Lane. There was a crash. Pedestrian accident. McClain or no Dominion. Drive it Springhill Road and earlier in Woodbridge Tail Boulevard near Maple Vail Avenue in Queens. Dale Drive, there'd been that earlier crash he will find We've got no delight. But there is work inside the Beltway, 66 headed west after Glebe Road towards Sycamore, taking away the right lane on the rails. Mark Camden Train, 8 49 was 1/2 hour late. Manassas trained 3 32 was delayed 20 minutes. Holding for a Norfolk Southern freight train passing in front. Jack Taylor. W T o p traffic, not a storm team for maybe urologist, Lauren Rickets. Humidity won't quite be as bad as we dry out today. Temperatures there going to be back in the mid to upper.

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