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Michael bisbee came out with an interesting statement. He said he could see conor. Mcgregor retiring with a loss to dustin pori now. That's pretty obvious that somebody should be speaking about that but nobody was in. My mind. never went there. I think that's because i don't. I don't know how active i look connor. I don't know that. If i think about the division i think about the sport i acknowledged. What a story is acknowledged. What a draw draw is i would be anything but it connor hater. But i also don't know that i ever look him as one of the guys in the division. That's going anywhere right. He's so sporadic. We're hearing toxin. He's trying to box fanny pack. Yeah i'm just by example he's sporadic. He's out there doing things for big attractions. And i don't know how much i've ever thought of him as a fire on the roster that matters and that isn't looking to sleight. I could be completely wrong. Maybe connor wants to be the champion of the world. Maybe he wants to go out. Beat dustin poor. Who is the number one contender. Take that from him and go and fight for the belt himself. I haven't heard him speak that way. Which is one of the reasons that i haven't thought he's going to retire and continue to do things. That are fun and or silly. As long as there are big attraction. But i might have it all wrong. Maybe he is a die hard competitor and he believes if he loses to portray it slides down into a hole that he can't come out of that his days of contender ships are long gone. So what am i doing here in. What am i doing it for if and you know what if i am wrong if conner looks at this and he is a hard competitor. I would like that more. I would prefer that that. Be the truth. I just haven't looked at him that way. Because i keep hearing these weird things. That's a weird thing to go box. Manny pack yup gay. That's what a weirdo would do. Your naughty boxer. Don't go box. It's one of those things but if you're looking to just go out and have a good time and you've got a different goal which is to bring an audience and attraction. Have somebody set the cameras up and go do something. The world's going to watch and that's that's the category. That i put mcgregor but i might be putting him there falsely. I would love if somebody asked him that question. If you beat dustin do you plan to take on olivera. It will be offered to you if you want it. What will you say in o'connor says hell yes. I'm going to accept it. I'm coming back for my championship. I'm gonna look at connor differently. I mean that's something based on the way that he said i would have to watch the body language. Make sure that. I believe that. But if i determined that was sincere i might flip my pick. I believe dozens going to win that fight. That's jails pick. i'm not bullish on it. This connor can definitely beat him. If i know that. Connor has the hunger wants to beat dustin to take the number one contender ship and go on and take on all era. If i know that. I'm not saying i hear that i'm not saying he says these words. Are you guys. Know what i mean. We know when there's something sincere. We know when we believe it. If i hear that and i believe it's going to change my pick because now we are talking about a hunger now. We are talking about a long term. Play there's not a lot of guys in the history of fight who've ever trained for a fight and then that fight went well. There's just not a lot. There's a lot of guys that go train for a fight. They get beaten. Can't figure out what went wrong if that fight wasn't to get you somewhere else. Why did you want to win it. Did you even want to win it. What would be the point of winning and why you may not know this cautiously sub cautiously. Which is what you turn to when you have to dig deep when the going gets tough and you rather be done but you gotta stay in here and find a way to win there. You gotta have a reason. If you're just doing one fight for the sake of exercise would know gold. Take you anywhere it's meaningfully different whether you're cautious of that or your sub conscious of that so of cars going to go in here handle his business with korea as a way of getting somewhere else. He is a bigger drive. There's something larger at play here. That's going to mean something for me. And that will also have something for connor in his preparation for this. If this is all about just come in handle this thing with poor get my name on. Tmz and then try to find a way to to box with manny pacquiao. When the going gets tough you're gonna have nothing to turn to. You're going to have no motivation. They're going to have no reason for being here. Which is how. I've always interpreted connor if any of that. Sounds like an insult to you. I'd trade place with connor right now. That's a great spot to be in. It's not a great way to win an ass whipping contest against a nether trained ass whipper and that's what we're talking about. So michael ping is onto something here. If connor was to lose to dustin. Where does he go. What does he do. And i understand. There will always be an opportunity and there will always be options but is that what connor wants. It's never been a part of connors career where he was here to be one of the boys right one of his great expressions. We're not here to take part where here to take over as soon as the overtaking becomes clear that you've been overwhelmed. Are you looking at an undertaking at that point. Where is your motivation. What is your drive. Why are we here. I'm telling you when the going gets tough if conner has prepared for this fight just for the sake of winning this fight and not to take that and have a bigger play when the going gets tough and he has to turn inward and find meaning and find a reason it's going to realize he doesn't have one.

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