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First two periods lee everybody in hits with seven those surprise no surprise at all the way he plays with that's a big goal shot by reeves misses the net comes out to the left side theodore shot that's blocked in front door to the puck peeves the right point for england centric parsi no set off the side of the cage and then they score right reads the game at four from the fourth ward this was a failure by washington to clear the puck out of their own told this again we talked about him earlier we saw in the third round where they were so affected and they just stay with it washington could make a defensive play and ryan raves was about five feet in front of the net outside of the crease he pushes carlson down that one is missed so raise quash check on karlsson carlson went down to the ice that meant was all alone he takes the pass and scores the goal ryan reeves did not score in his first twenty six games with the goal tonight's twenty one of the regular season i five of the postseason snort huge goals it back to back games he also had only one goal his first forty one career playoff games and now has scored in two straight for a big guy which he is huge and he's extremely tough but he's got some skill he can skate for a big man and he's got some hands for a big man so we are tied at four details glade offside touch made by cody eakin so the golden knights are offside vegas ties it a minute thirty one seconds after washington took the data rate that's another goal from behind the net again the caps of lost their coverage vegas and scored a couple it started below the goal line jolts white dope that's a penalty on read e crosschecks carlson to the ice justice upon comes he drags to his feet and throws it up top to tie the game.

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