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Ends up happening. Like the one person at seven zero wins at four or five or whatever. It was And and you know eliza glare is gonna win seven. It just feels like it's in the cards right. I honestly i it says at this point. That's what i envision happening not from any type of hope or is just like big brother circumstances. That's exactly what's going to happen just because that's just the way it goes and i was thinking here that isn't it kind of refreshing to see and tiffany able to have game conversation without it. Turning into i disagreed. Bergen agreed to disagree. Probably at that point i. I talked about this on the cuny yesterday. But i really feel like the relationship between tiffany and aasa tiffany. Didn't i don't think tiffany saw her her relationship with as a very game focused relationship because they had the cookout. She knew that they were never going to turn cookout wise. I mean she considered it a few times turning aasa. But i don't think she ever really thought that ostrich on her but i think she felt like she was dragging along in the game and and because of that like it was very much like. Hey if you're not grateful for what i'm doing if you're going to get mad at me for dragging you along in this game than i'm going to be really frustrated with you because that's annoying And it wasn't focused on like will i need. This is a person that i needed to game folks on game however we've now reached a point in the game. Where if he does need is it. And lo and behold the relationship is working out fine now really going. Well i'll turn it on here and it also has been much better ever since the mediated conversation that x has sort of so you know again interesting interest and i say again like As we look like who will choose between essentially acts tiffany that media conversation has at least made it a choice not an automatic. She's so right. I still don't feel like that was necessarily the right all from him. But yeah i think x. will forever be a blind spot with azza as long as she thinks but he's so cute lady so cute. I don't know what is going to take. I think it's going to take tiffany's saying okay as you think he's cute. He's cute of this house. Let's focus on getting to the end. So i'm hoping they have that conversation. But it's.

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