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I shall fight for my liberty some of the time comes for me the gold love the look and feel for the black listener in Chicago the experience of hearing this sort of program was unprecedented I don't know how to describe it radio pioneer Bernie Hayes Sir what thirteen fourteen years old starting a school they really made me feel good that you swallow but here someplace one of the things and and he gave you hope to bomb may back into that back to me that but she with these people achieved wasn't Amos and Andy this was about black people and they were describing what they did and it was a exhilarating it was a magnificent and we didn't know half of the people that we heard that were presented the documentaries and to to us this was a we didn't realize how big it was and what impact it had on this at the time but we know we loved it and enjoyed it and we finally got to to be proud of who we were hearing the stories and discussing them Monday through Friday waiting for Sunday morning to come again on a way to church sometime we miss church of some of the episodes were or that throwing Besser Sonya Williams dorms show did not just deal with historical figures so yes Harriet Tubman Sojourner truth Denmark VC yes they were hurt historical figures they were no longer live by the time he decided to focus on them but he also dealt with contemporary figures lessons use was clearly still alive from when the show was on so was Lena Horne so was Jackie Robinson but the sentiments that they expressed would just not things you heard on radio on a consistent basis at that time if you heard it all and that's one of the reasons why destination freedom did not become a nationally distributed show even though that's what dorm really want it he he he really pushed NBC and WMAQ to make it as widely available across the country as a missing Mandy was but there was a real push back against that and the reason was quite frankly that they knew and it was true that southern affiliates would balk at the characterizations at the blue zebra so call radical views and because we are talking about a network that is you know run by money in advertising and all they knew that if they didn't have southern affiliates and of course so then advertises that that they would lose money but of course it wasn't just about money Bernie hippies no they knew what people here this still in he we've got a base of sermon you can't be a level playing field with the for calling Americans or Asians you can do that now what is keeping down the best we can not as you make your no let them know what they've done that's why you know we can't find birth certificates we can't find records of us coming over on the ships that's funny when educate African Americans that's why he got a date less than nothing meet shuttle what was that for this program to come along game he this whole that was an excerpt from the sound of freedom in audio documentary by journalist mark kill steam we'll talk to one of the voices.

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