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A great job in protecting their pitchers three programs that you think abuse pitchers by using them, too much, and the Beuys is my word by the way wasn't your word. But Gimmie three programs that you feel like do a good job at protecting pitchers. I'm sticking mostly two major programs here ones that listeners know about you might see on TV at some point for the on the positive side with a little easier. I think the university of Florida has been has really set the standard here, coach Sullivan, there has one he's just recruited really well too. So he's got a lot of options in the bullpen which hopes he'll be I talked. He he'll tell you makes his job easier. All of these coaches aren't talking about to in the on the positive side, will at least express them understanding to that they while they have these players for a short time, and they're obviously trying to win. They understand that for a lot of these players. This is just the next step that they're trying to prepare some of these players for pro ball support as one Vanderbilt is another. I know a lot of Scott's don't like dealing with Vanderbilt necessarily, but I do think that have built in general has done a very good job of protecting its own pitchers. And if developing pitchers to not had as much success developing position players, but they've got a track record going back fifteen years, or so developing pitchers, not just keeping them healthy. But guys get to campus and then they get better any other LSU which also I think I think pulmonary has really involved as a as a coach there over. He's had a very long very distinguished career coaching at multiple stops to. And having talked to him also about this his understanding of how to handle pitchers, and how to protect them has also evolved as the. News on that have changed in on our understanding of Wednesday pitch pitchers, how much to pitchers, and, and the idea of new getting way from an old college paradigm. Just look you need this kid to pitch. You just throw. It doesn't matter Winnie last pitched or how much he's pitched twenty thirty years ago, the idea is you just throw them as much as you had to to win the game. And give me three colleges that you feel like programs that you feel like way too heavily on the pitchers. Yeah, this is a trickier, one, because a lot of the worst programs, have very recently changed. Head coaches rice, for example, rice, I would say is absolutely the worst defender going back a long time. And the proof is in the pudding, the number of pitchers who come through rice than highly touted prospects and gotten hurt that rice or gotten hurt shortly after signing this coaching change there. We will see what direction that goes in. We get new thinking. They're the scene has been Choisy with twit. Stanford, the same was true going back a little bit further university of Texas. Where those were schools that would pretty regularly overuse pitchers. Oregon state is the most recent example, also had a coaching change there. But have also multiple examples just in the last three years, Kevin able and drew Rasmusen overused ended up having Tommy John surgery, not long after I specifically called out overuse of those pitchers other schools that I think do still manage their pitchers in a way that I wouldn't at least that it is at least overuse, I have been sort of on TCU for.

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