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For COVID before and after travel and should quarantine in Chicago when traveling to a state on the list over 3 million travelers are expected to pass through O'Hare and midway over the next two weeks Kim Gordon 8 90 WLS news And if you happen to get on a plane to travel you got to behave That's the message from the FAA to unruly airline passengers ABC's faith of bube has more on the new punishment for those who are caught behaving badly on those planes As cases of threats abuse and violence against airline workers skyrocket the FAA is announcing additional penalties for unruly airline passengers FAA find travelers will now also lose their TSA PreCheck benefit thanks to a zero tolerance policy and partnership between the FAA and the TSA TSA PreCheck is an expedited security screening option and considered a privilege reserved for low risk travelers The TSA says the new partnership with the FAA will ensure the safety and security of all passengers and hold those who violate federal regulations accountable for their actions Faith of ube ABC News Washington The jury and the Kim Potter trial began its second day of deliberations this morning weighing a week and a half of testimony ABC's Janelle Klein reports from Minneapolis So far the jury is asked just a single question about the timing of an interview Potter did with a defense expert It includes 9 white one black and two Asian jurors Potter who is white is a former Brooklyn center Minnesota police officer charged in the fatal shooting of a 20 year old black man named Dante Wright during a traffic stop last spring Potter says she mistook her gun for a taser Janelle Klein ABC News Minneapolis In the NHL postponed 5 additional games scheduled for Thursday that makes a total of 49 this season the season set to resume on Monday and Blackhawks defenseman Calvin de Haan the latest member of the organization to be placed in COVID-19 protocol The Blackhawks will miss two home games tonight against the Panthers Thursday against the stars Next scheduled game Tuesday the 28th at home against the bluejackets WLS.

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