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You, I'm just really hungry. Some things never change. Like somebody opening a bag of chips during your favorite movie and Geico saving folks. Lots of money on their car insurance. Greg, do you mind? I've waited years to say this to you, Greg. Hey, honey, You want some Sour cream and onion 15 minutes could save you 15% or more I I hard radio goes one on one with Phil from Def Leppard to find out the band's strangest performing experience. We played once live in the back of a van, and we recorded it. Me, Joe and Vivian. It was for a radio station, and it went out live. And then we fell to one got two acoustic guitars and singing all cramped up. It's going to be awful. I heard it on the radio, and it was like, Wow. Sounds amazing. So wherever we go, whether it's the back of a van or on a ship is going to be deaf leopard. It's gonna be great. So I've got no worries about that at all. Keep listening to I heart radio for more of Def Leppard and all your favorite artists to protect his family from disaster. Steve use his Camera phone dumb by taking pictures of his important documents. Steve can always have them stored online. Learn more simple disaster prep tips, ready DOT gov. A message from female in the Ad council. Free I heart radio APP is number one for music, radio and podcasts, All in one discover a new podcast from our library of hundreds of thousands of titles. Here's an I Heart radio podcast preview. Put your headphones on and listen closely. Because you are about to hear the first ever three D Halloween. 13 days of Halloween ended all hope. You who enter here. Just kidding. A remote hotel. This my friend is Hawthorne. Many I of its caretaker Z can take it if you witch The most unusual guests. They sound like someone you trust. Okay? No, sweetie. Don't touch it. Don't look at it After he comes one who is more powerful than I. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire a tour guide that can't be trusted. Wasn't luck. Fate that placed you here. We'll never know. And the newest arrival it's you. Why are you here again? I know. Yeah. You have found me when so many have failed. Starring Keegan. Michael Key as the caretaker Age 42. It's money news Time with Pat and Live theater comes back to Denver. It is that big news for theater people, Of course, all the downtown businesses that feed off the big shows the Advocate Center for the Performing Arts says that it has 30 shows kicking off in November. That means the return of big shows like the Lion King and Hamilton, both of which had to be cancelled when the curtain came down during the height of the pandemic by the time the curtain goes back up It'll be 20 months between live performances at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

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