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Went from thirty to fifty five and closing in on sixty and seventy percent, and this will make a huge difference in our state, and for the Mexicans who've sacrifice rates has done it even though they disagree and are working at protecting others and making sure that we just stay together as we battled cove. It I, think them all because it hasn't been easy. Government, let me ask you this about about enforcement of the mask mandate. Have you gotten law enforcement on board with this and I'm asking because we have seen situations where law enforcement have made it clear that that they're not about this. There was an interview on CNN where a Sheriff I. BELIEVE IN I don't WanNa. Say the stay in case I get it wrong, but a local sheriff, not in your state basically said Hey, this is America. People should have a choice of whether they want to wear a mask or not. Are you facing that kind of pushback in New Mexico from law enforcement. We are at some of it is absolute back. We will not assist you at the local level. I can't say primarily sheriffs who were elected right and try I think people are treating this pandemic again. As a political situation is not a political situation, it does not care whether you're Republican or Democrat, young or old, whether you're independent or declined to state. It does not care at all about it's hosts. It will attack you right indiscriminately and so i. think that's largely been the response. I've got some local police departments I. think that are also reluctant, but here's what I do. Have nearly universally nearly everyone will educate folks and try to get their first responders to be better. At wearing masks, and they should be wearing masks all of the time as first responders and appalled when they don't. And then I've got several jurisdictions who are now going to actually issue citations with the state police who have already been issuing citations so I have two both admit that we're having to grow that support and invest in that advocacy..

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