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Include a thirty two piece band and a mobile all woman string quartet and fifteen hundred people will be in the audience the stage will be just above a mosh pit of them and they're gonna do jesus christ superstar that show goes way back and people of a certain age i think anybody will enjoy it but some of us will remember it more fondly than others so that'll be in john legend while and by the way i don't know people keep track of this i think some people kind of thumbed their nose at the notion but he's just one award from the hot the emmy grammy the oscar and tony if this wins then he'll get his his emmy because he's already got the other three john legend cerebral ellison a too but a show that'll be ten forty on wgn radio by the way just a quick note about our facebook page i'm wgn king john on facebook we posted a lot of stuff that a lot of fun things this week a lot about the loyal ramblers of course we made some boomerangs pictures there's a new version of michael jackson's billie jean only at sister jean is not my mother redid the song and actually it's pretty good you'll find it on my facebook page there's a white sox and cubs thread after seeing and posting a story about how hollywood is pouring money into a virtual movie experience where you will wear goggles and be inserted into a movie i tell you will be able to experience movies in the future you won't just sit there and watch them you'll be able to put on a helmet thingy and then you'll be in them not exactly sure what i just said we asked him what will they would you most like to live in what movie would you most like to live or be inserted you said robin hood singing in the rain a lot of you said harry potter bull durham almost famous is a good choice the matrix midnight in paris some of you said that that was one of mine american in paris chose their movie that you go man if i always thought field of dreams i would still want to just be in that town or on that far.

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