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To me will be joining pete we'll be talking to p k k but that of boy i'm gonna go to the bafata omonia the 14th we'll do a couple of hours of the show with yes i got looking okay at a nairobi ogata 13th not okay and a night of the 13th will be live at the arena yes with justin kaufman arrow leading up to the blackhawks ninetyminute runup to the pregame right we are going to see the hawks play hockey in vegas here's where yes two odds went that's all coming up so you and your friend whomever that maybe we'll be able to join us in las vegas uh you will get you out there will get you a nice hotel now one of those flee beg dumps that saw the other stations will throw area and you'll give tickets to the game and we find time had by all the jal singer that's coming up and the only way to do it is to win it and the way to win it is to send us as snapshot of why you should be chosen as the ultimate hawks fan their tichit nuts for the black dosages are hilarious somehow i'm in some guys picture the thought i'm not putting you i was looking for all the pictures i thought i'll these are great because there's there's wedding windows starker shrine thing i don't know it's merely guy and i thought i don't remember taking that but that then of course i remembered i thought what a great picture i hope hugged drunk warrior with her picture was dick motta this was when we were at the game with even hack burden so you say upload a photo showing your blackhawks fan craziness a wgnradiocom slash contests if you think you the ultimate blacks blackhawks fanned you could win a trip drifted vegas see the blackhawks in the golden knights upload a photo and join us uh if you're the big winner so it's gonna be great let's get those it again it's wgnradiocom slash contests are we gonna play the.

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