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With Gregg our good friend in Athens, Alabama, Greg. Thank you, very very much. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Paul thanks for taking my call. I thought the statement from coach will Wade was kind of ridiculous. And with everything that's going on. He stressed is constitutional right to remain silent. And I I would just think that the university is well within its rights suspend them until they find out what's going on. And part of that process is hearing from the guy who's on a federal wiretap. And until that happens. I don't see him. I don't see him ever coming back to customer LSU. It'd be honest with you. And I think the those fans who want him back deserve whatever carnage comes and results of all this happening. Yeah. You know, Greg. I don't wanna go constitutional lawyer here. But. You know, the constitution has nothing to do with why he has been suspended, and ultimately likely to be fired by LSU, the one thing he hasn't done, and you alluded do it. He has yet to say, I didn't do it. I mean, he's talking about your mumbo jumbo lawyer, and legal ease, and that's not gonna keep his job. He's not coming back to LSU. You know, the school can say we want him back. You're not both know that train has left the station. Yes, sir. You had his name is Dan Jackson, the attorney on a couple of days ago. Yeah. Don jackson. Don jackson. Yes. He he he was very telling in his critique of the whole situation, and you know, when he's more world versus the sports field than most attorneys are when he says that he wouldn't advise because the client to do that. You know, weight is just really lost any any ground that he had any ability to take the high ground and today would have been a perfect opportunity to put this all to rest, and he did not so. Face value. We have a cheater wanting his job back, and it's not going to have let me ask you this. I thought maybe Jay Bilas made the best point or most salient point of the week when when he has to LSU officials like what what were you what were you doing back in October when this story came out, and you went to will Wade, and he denied it all did you not do any independent? Investigation, and it doesn't appear they did very much. And it's at point. We'll Wade did what all people do they denied denied. And I and it's come back to haunt him. Now. I mean, there's nowhere for him to go. The best thing for him to do is shut up and try to avoid any more serious. Jeopardy in this federal trial. But there's just no way that that he's involved any longer with LSU, and I ran into some LSU play. I happen to be staying hotel where every SCC team is. So it's it's really good to pick up information. I was talking to Annella player today. I won't name him. And they seem pretty confident. I mean, they feel like they know what's going on there. They're still hopeful to get your smart knack for tomorrow. They feel good players are resilient as you know. Yes. The fans are right about one thing Paul. And that is that Joe alita has a lot to answer for regard to this. And he has been silent. Thank you so much. He does we'll we'll wait was his best hire at. LSU? Hey, thanks for the call. Do appreciate it. John is up next. John you're on the air from California gerrad had a very happy. The Gators won. They look really good today. Freshman took the challenge on and I'm very happy. But I heard you comment that we're still possibly on the bubble that what I heard from the team at the SEC network was that would probably in because of the because of the overall record and what we've done with LSU beat them. And then we almost beat them at home. So that that stands for a little bit..

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