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Can and then can hire a special counsel to investigate muir aalto man who were all this right if the may pediatric department could rightly so or to their own investigation i don't think they need a special council to do this and i think that they will be very effective but you know one way to localize will you could you know people say all politics with local are are the all their local here i have in my hand i heard the mayor on earlier this is jeff peak of political garbage you come out a political here peace i'm looking only here there's no glamour about who paid for this this i'll bring up a gift hit peak on the mayor all alive in dirty politics at its worst i've never seen cook get the dirty and if republicans did it and i'll just bring this up if republicans did it you would have the nwpp and other people crying foul and it will be crying for some type of investigation what about will care let let me ask you this if black republicans did it nobody says no no no they were still cry foul too early but you know to target a community with this type of political garbage and legacy there's no disclaimer on its whatsoever and found interesting now wants to do here councilwoman you bet simpson the now they're not not not wants to disavow or or condemn it speaking of the local election early voting until monday and a hamilton county so is this a good thing while yes i think so because i'm going to vote for my few people i'm not gonna have to wait up for now i'm mike how come on deck ole ghanem make my mirro boat which pretty pretty much everyone prior to you that out well i definitely want to see.

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