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This movie. Budget with twenty one million office was seventy one million so if did fairly well i mean at the time. It was the highest. Grossing film. That wes anderson had made each at that time before. A grand budapest to over that sort of whatever that's nice to hear. I really really liked this movie so the synopsis is the eccentric members of a dysfunctional family. Reluctantly gathered under the same roof for various reasons. It is kind of like a hard movie to sum up but anyway. So let's take our first ad break. And then we'll come back and let everybody know our choices for recast. Podcasting is brought to you by. At and the future of podcast hosted by todd. Hirsch ad financials vice president and chief economist. The future of podcasts has launched its third season by connecting with industry leaders to uncover. What's on the horizon for the things that mean the most to you. The future of podcast promises to give you insights to help navigate. What is often uncertain. Future explore how our economy and communities can not only brace for change but embrace the opportunity at creates. Subscribe to the future of in the apple store. Google play spotify and everywhere. Podcasts are found and connect with us at at dot com slash. The future of and now back to the show. Okay janet so do you wanna start off letting us know who you selected. Sure so. Like i said i just off the top of my head. I thought of shoe actors. I would much rather have him. In the role of royal and who i think would have done An amazing job even one of them. My first choice was paul. Newman who was still alive. He was like seventy five years old at the time because remember. This is a twenty year old movie right. So paul newman. I think he was my first choice. I remember thinking well. Paul newman like i think he would have been really interesting in this role and imagine being able to say like paul newman is in my movie cares about. Oh that would have been a better yet. Yeah if i was a filmmaker. I'd be like yeah. Paul newman or i also went with christopher plummer. Who could be about the right. Each as well and christopher plummer was an amazing actor as well. And i could really have seen him in this role either. Paul newman or christopher plummer. I think would have done a fine job as royal tanenbaum. I was pulled him an acting at that. Time he he absolutely was he did Broach perdition in two thousand and two agree and that was a big budget film so he absolutely was still working and working on large projects. So i mean this would totally. This is something. I don't know i mean i find it interesting. That he wrote the part for gene hackman. I don't know why maybe gene hackman with someone that he'd always wanted to work with ray and obviously personal choice for him. I mean if she rose the role expressly for him. But i would. If i was a filmmaker i would much rather have. Paul newman film. He's alleged or i mean even christopher plummer legend as far as i'm concerned much worse than gene hackman like. I don't want to sound like i am disparaging of gene hackman. Because i think he's an excellent. He's a wonderful actor. He's a fine actor right and he's been around and he's you know and i didn't dislike him as royal but i don't think that he's a singular actor by any means. I don't think okay. Yeah he had at this point he already had like what two academy awards and you know. And he'd been working in the business a long time and he you know i'm sure. He thinks very thought of himself as a legend. It's like i don't know. I mean i just don't understand why you would be like such super awful. Yeah on a film set like when someone has written this pert for you and this really juicy part. He obviously didn't care that the part was written for him. It obviously was not a big deal for him. Obviously yeah you know. But i mean i definitely could see paul newman or christopher plummer. Yeah i could really see christopher plummer. I really liked that pig. 'cause i'll say this for me like i noticed it from the first time i saw the movie but i never thought he should be recast. But i didn't always think like man. Royal tenenbaum is such a creep and such a manipulator but so transparent about it like he comes across as such addict combat. Like it was hard for me to understand why they let him back in their lives and why they give him chances and everything like that. So when i was thinking about recasting i wanted someone with a little more charisma or charm or just someone who you can buy that even though they might treat you badly. You're willing to take them back. Like i don't see that engine hackman and not in his portrayal of royal so for me My first choice was jack. Nicholson he's a little younger than gene. Hackman like five years six years younger something like that and around that time he had done the pledge in two thousand one in about schmidt in two thousand and two and jack nicholson is someone who is very charismatic on screen in pretty much everything he does so i just felt like like even while watching it once. I started thinking about jack. Nicholson in like trying to place him in the role. I just my imagination. I was buying it way more. Yeah of course. Jack nicholson could play this role absolutely and then the second person Is like maybe a weird choice. But it's michael caine. I just would love to hear that british accent in that role and and michael caines amazing of course in everything. He does actually concerned for the role he was. Yeah he is cool. I didn't see that michael caine was considered for it and so was gene wilder yes. Gene wilder did see which i thought was really interesting. He would have been hit two gene wilder i. He would have been really saney. I think right yeah. It would have been in pretty different movie. Definitely yeah he would have been much more eccentric he would have been Yeah so and then michael caine around that time was doing miss congeniality and the movie called last orders in two thousand one and two thousand two he was in austin powers in goldmember so yet just kind of place them in time and like i was saying i had a handful of other people who is like. Oh they do they could be catoon. So yeah but i do think that like any one of these four not only could do the rule but could do better than gene hackman. Yeah i didn't realize gene hackman is still alive. She's ninety one years old. Yeah but i don't think i don't remember the last time gene. I thought she not been in anything. I don't think he's worked for quite some time. But.

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