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Say You yes so I wonder I mean still think it's a Cold War with an easy transition because what's who cares. Why would they need the pandemic if they were GONNA have a hot war but what you were telling me about? Norad was kind of makes me wonder maybe there. Maybe it's a civil war civil unrest that they're worried about their certainly adding us onto that you know. There's some interesting things going on NORAD. There's Cheyenne Mountain fortress. It's back in business. The bunker deep below the Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado I believe the Pentagon reactivated this underground as a backup to the homeland security headquarters for the covert nineteen purposes. It's I did it for this crisis. And Cheyenne Mountain. Is it's a continuity of Government Planning Bunker and they've reactivated these types of bunkers some of them in undisclosed locations around the country and they're sending military to go work out of these bunkers. These are like windowless bunkers. They have winding tunnels underneath the mountains. There's conspiracy theories of alien corpses and sasquatch being down there and these been shut down for a while but there's a lot of intrigue and mystery around these bunkers and they were built originally to withstand a nuclear attack. It's Dr Strangelove thing Dr Strangelove. They were underneath their nuclear attack. In like by the end of it they were kind of into. It might be some of that going on now. It's finally getting. It's used to protect the country from an external threat although that external threat is covert nineteen has reopened as I just found that very interesting because this continuity of government planning if they're really going full force on something and they're opening up these bunkers and they're really planning for something to happen. Something just might happen. I have my but it's not going to be the novel Corona Virus because I wanted to reiterates people. They just can't seem to understand this and I've tweeted the I've tweeted the links a couple of times. I'll keep tweeting them. Just read them again that the CDC death data total certificates filed in this country to date. This year are the same on average as from what I can tell which was pretty. I could drill down to the numbers. Pretty darn well that the weekly average so far during the current Ivar thing of deaths total deaths in this country is the same if not maybe even a little bit lower than the same period. Last year there is no increase in that so to the extent that malpractices increasing some deaths and not doing anything is decreasing some deaths. Whatever the net impact seems to be absolutely nothing zero ZIP. So I'm I just whatever they WANNA cut that. I don't think it's going to be a virus. Yeah I think I saw something yesterday and I don't remember the full details but they were like they were about to start a narrative that the number of deaths are increasing overall. Compared to last year they keep saying eighty thousand people have died in this country so far of the thing but that just first of all that would be ten percent of all the deaths two dates in this country would be and I'm not and why slightest bit surprised they're attributing the deaths that but that exact number must be taken out of the other deaths. I mean it's the same story we've told before but there's one parallel I want to.

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