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James harden has had a December. Remember, man, he's taken on the grizzlies here early in the first quarter heart. It's a step back over Kyle Anderson. This his ten game of thirty five points are more James harden is doing is phenomenal. He was not in my top five MVP conversations literally two weeks ago. And now these leading the category sweet dime there to clink cappella rockets up ten second quarter twenty. Oh. Oh, don't don't touch Shula step back when exact yeah. Brackets of seventeen there. Look at the ball movement. One more time as Mike Dan, Tony says, Jane, William the ball, find energy or the ball just Feinstein's that too that works here. Don't then back at the buzzer. Twenty at the half at the half the game. Just insane. Like, I said I had the first half I'm going. He can. I mean, I think everybody had the same look vices. Like, what are you gonna do with this? Yeah. I don't think there's any that you let's go to the third quarter rockets up by twenty pardon Harry's. Again, he's maestro. When it comes to this drawing before to greenie, that's awesome. Angry with the basketball. That's little. Step left. What is that in that work? Then he gets to the pre just continually getting to the free throw line. Twenty seven free throws attempted that is a single game record for the rockets there. Here's another three point shot, by the way, he's doing this without era, Gordon, and without CPA three rocket twin one thirteen to one eleven hardened finishes with a triple double forty-three, thirteen and ten is ten forty point. Triple double James harden again in December to remember. He's averaging thirty six point four points per game in December most by any player since the guy that you may be familiar with Michael Jordan back in nineteen eighty six. I voice heard onto the highlight. That was of course, Jay will hair pumping up the beard, which. You can't. How's he going to be stopped though? That's how I want to know when I don't think you can stop him because it's the brilliance in how the rockets actually have their lineup. They surrounding with reports shooters. So you have Austin rivers you have gale house. You have Gerald green guys who are spaced out the floor, and you have clink Capella who understands his role as a guard when your big just wants to come and set screens for you. And hey, people and rebounds. That's a dream come true and these at eight spinal crazy rate like I literally said today's ago, not having my top by NBC candidates. And now, he's number one number how do you integrate Chris Paul here real quick? I he just plays along with James harden when he's playing that way. All you need Chris Paul to do is to make plays off the ball and be ready to be catching shoe player. That's all you need them to do. It only helps we'll see if you can keep this pace out. It'll be on incredible ten and certain MVP candidate there as you as you're calling at this point ten days ago that I'm not so much. I come in our too. Of get we are live from the Rose Bowl, David Hershey. Join us for all the coverage heading into that game. Plus the Cowboys in Seahawks both play smashmouth football. We dive into the key difference amongst the teams find out next. But first we leave you with some trivia Zeke Elliott has led the NFL in rushing yards per game in three straight seasons. Who was the last player to do a Barry Sanders? Be Eric Dickerson seen Jim Brown. We'll think about it. Don't Google please your answer. Up on this one. I got you..

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