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Four Wait a minute. This is fucking bullshit this. This. Is. Ten thirty seconds of anything filmed Oh my God then put it higher i. It's not number twenty, four it's not number twenty four. That's fine. I look forward to hearing you explain the merits of of commercial, which is not even among my top ten gap commercials which I have in my head. But whatever briefly, for context, this twenty fourteen campaign called dress normal that David fincher was brought on board to direct guess during the production of gone girl I don't know where he finds the time though my. Favorite of these commercials I assume it's Chris's well takes place at a driving range where a model is dancing to a nineteen fifties pop song while a guy in a leather jacket hits the driver off the tee It's a commercial that makes no sense and it definitely rules. I'm not sure if it was harder than other things on this list though I think it but what do you think Chris what do? I, think I feel like a deep connection to the to the characters in this commercial. I once love the woman who is dancing in jeans and I'm like cool jeans and then I'm also like your boyfriend seems pretty cool too because he's got good form off the tee. He shot it in the city of industry in one night I think in the middle of the night, and it's just like a perfect commercial. Let me ask you something the two of you as people who David French work. And as people who liked golf, do you think that David French our respects you a as golfers Commercial I don't to take away I, don't. I. Don't think David fincher would like me. That's not what this is about. I really really want certain filmmakers to like me I call David Fincher to think I'm pathetic I expect David fincher to know that I, have a golf training aid called a G. box and he should want me to drown in the Pacific. Ocean. Because of that. Okay. As long as you know that that that I'm fine with putting this commercial wherever. Okay impertinent question. Do you think adventure has ever held a golf club in his hands? Absolutely I. Think he thinks they're cool and also really remember uses one to hit Stellan skarsgard in strategy to so I. Think he thinks it's a useful useful weapon and aesthetically.

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