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Good show this coming year, two killings again. Thank you so much. If you're ready to become a member to help support the show visit maximum fund dot org slash join or you know what you mentioned very briefly something that we have brought up yet, which is the tomb overeating Oh yes. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So Often, it completely invent this right he wasn't the first or only person to do it There's a form of breathing called to more breathing which spelled T. U. M. O., and that's very similar to the Wim Hof method and there have been people for centuries before who have been you know on mountaintops in the cold breeding this way to generate heat. which by the way we were talking about methods of generating heat. Yes. This breathing method does do that. You're you're exerting a lot of energy A. so he's just kind of built his own particular pacing explanation and the cold exposure thing around this but important to know that and just a yama in general you know breathing control within yoga also. Related to all the concepts in the benefits that we've talked about So just wanted to make sure we discussed that because women breeding not the only player in the game totally that doesn't necessarily mean he's cribbing though he could be also just the concept of mutual creation where we have these features of the human body that we just happened upon Independent of one another then you know it can look like like that the might be he'd done a ton of yoga study over the year. So so I think he just kind of was adapting it and He doesn't try to like trade market or anything like right totally to mow by the way it means inner fire and my dog to me I got his name off of a funkaway calendar I was twenty and. To me is the plural of to mow. That's crazy. So there you go. All comes full circle. That's too much. Very interesting. So yes, fad other studies tell you about. Well, there's a very cool at a to`real from one doctor who took part in a study with Wim Hof about his bat and I just want to read you. I mean, it's it's very glowing sweet editorial about how how cool inhofe is literally figuratively and. He's so charismatic and clearly believes in what he's doing. There's definite good out of it, and then you get to page three almost the end. Okay and I just love this well crafted little paragraph. There is however a string attached to the Wim Hof method. That is the risk that people may think. The method is scientifically valid. Women is a wholehearted speaker, but his scientific vocabulary is gallinaceous. The word I had to look up it means Gobbledegook. With conviction, he mixes in a nonsensical way scientific terms as irrefutable evidence many less scientifically literate people believe what he says and several seriously diseased people have used his methods as the final Straw awhile stories of believers circulate on the Internet in popular magazines and our broadcast it as well. The scientific investigations are often presented with a biased view. So. In practicing the Wim Hof method with a good dose of common sense for instance, not hyperventilating before submerging and water. And without excessive expectations, it doesn't hurt to try although the effects on our health way to be proven people may feel better and feel. Because, one of the points he makes in here is that during the study of him and his twin, even when their actual measurable experience was the same women felt more comfortable. Oh okay because he was used to it and our brains are very very adaptive and they say when you're fine, you're fine and so then your subjective experience becomes much more comfortable. So that could happen to you. Okay. At the same time I'm just now reminded that he does an amazing job at keeping his skin temperature constant when he's doing his breathing and you know his method. So something's happening does something's happening it probably cures cancer he's an extraordinary individual. Yeah. One thing also worth mentioning is after we took the workshop and then this whole Cova situation started his son released a response about covid nineteen and it was very clearly him wanting to do the responsible thing say okay. Well, we've canceled these upcoming events and You know we can't say that the method completely protects you from getting covid but. It always. It always pays to be healthy and to boost your immune system and just to be clear we are not scared. Right does with all these people and they're we are not scared stuff. All of these like new agey people are always talking about how they're not scared. You need to take all these precautions but we're not scared okay it but it was very clear like all right. Well were expected to say this and I didn't WanNa say anything about it. You know everyone sending me messages and wants to know does off method treat covid nineteen financially. He takes a deep breath. No. So anyways. Yeah it was it was very half hearted disclaimer. All right. Well, I, have started using the APP the Wim Hof method. App I think if you just search for Wim Hof, it'll come right up in your APP store or equivalent w. h. m. I think it always shows up as on my phone and Yeah. It's just a handy little way for you to follow along with with you've got it on your. Our guy apply the Wim Hof method daily start and it's a big. A little drawing of Wim Hof in a barrel of ice. Yeah. With two little signs poking out of the ICE. I've taken a screen shot. That's good. Exercises to improve your well being or you're going to start doing this well as you can see I did. Do this three minute exercise and blow your mind. WHOA there shit. Maybe after the podcast because I need my mind yeah. Can need your brain intact but yeah I've been doing this now for twenty days. So I signed up like right as we were starting at these episodes and it's interesting that they're all these different modules and they're geared to help you do these basic. You're breathing exercises. Physical exercises and then the cold exposure stuff. So the main interfaces this explore exercises area everything has this kind of like a blue and seafoam and yellowy Orange Hexagon visual styling to it. All on white and So yeah, you click on these different little modules and so there's different ways to kind of achieve those daily goals, little videos he walks you through stuff he warned not to get near the water he coaches you on each little thing that you're going to do as you do it but then you can get bonus points and achievements for listening to these various challenges or Signing up for like a little side course where you learn some extra stuff. So I've been going to anything with all of those I. I do at one point pay a dollar ninety nine and that unlocked some of the features and there's various things where it tells me like Oh you can't access this unless you sign up for the workshop. So I'm wondering does that mean because we took the workshop? So I need to figure that out because it's there's some things that are still locked but essentially what I do every day is first of all, I start with his guided breathing bubble. Okay. I see that here free for a limited time it says to me, right so I'm using it like I could lose it. So it tells you to sit or lie down in a safe environment essentially just walk you through everything we were doing our workshop, but you've got the dulcet tones of Wim Hof. Sweet telling you to do it. Now I feel guilty starting this I think I can clear my results afterwards because I don't WanNa get credit for breeding I'm not doing just breath just do it okay but or is it really long? It is very long well, I'll start it out anyway. So you can choose which audio elements you want to have the breathing pace the whim voice. The pain and Gong. Okay. The breathing and the background music I always leave them all on their great sounds nice and so cows. Letting. Breezy. With, Flo. Into battle into the digest and let go. Nike We. Make. An. Leading..

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