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Get kind of a little bit. But but the that same car just sold on bring trailer that very car I tried to buy off that lady just sold on bring a trail. Rely like twelve grand or fourteen grams zoning is fresh is fresh. It was like I was like middle aged woman in Santa Barbara was like, Yep. By the way, I talking about bringing a trailer. I tried to sell my truck on bring a trailer. And they haven't even replied back to me, the one you drove here in after fifty because it's it's a like it's a really cleaned old diesel f three fifty which is actually those those things have gone through the roof on raffle it off. That's another idea. I had it on EBay and someone bid on it. And then they went completely like they won the bid. Yeah. And then they just went radio show. Oh and EBay is like, yeah. I guess you can relist it. We won't charge you the listing fees and like that's kind of annoying because there was like other things involvement. Fuck out of here. David says, do we think the front engine rear-drive platform is reached its peak in terms of acceleration? And track performance example, the seven hundred fifty horsepower, corvette and next-gen has mid engine. I mean kinda. Yeah. Kind of the I mean every every front engine Ferrari seems to be hairier and Harrier than the one before it have you driven a news ER one Scotto haven't this is me. I haven't driven a lot of press cars recently. The most recent press car that I drove. I'll say maybe like a hell cat or something. Like, I haven't. I haven't got a few problems with traction there. Fun. The next one is like all right. We can fuck and stop now. Yeah. He's seven fifty seven. I remember when I started getting into the six hundreds think, especially like six hundred Mercedes. I don't know if you need that. So no one wants to jump out of its own tires. It's really crazy the horsepower things wild. Because when I was a kid if you had four hundred horsepower, you're king. Now, if you don't have anything more than a thousand like the internet's really people who which is weird because like my Nova has probably just under seven hundred and it's on monster. Yeah. It is a monster. Yeah. Like the internet. It's all it's all the internet. We know we know people who've driven cars like that. We know that LS swaps are good. They're not boring. They're good. No L saucer. Great. Yeah. I don't have any they're great. Because if simple you can find parts of pep boys to fix your car, which is RAD. Yeah. They work properly. And we know that five hundred horsepower is a bunch. Yeah. I'm so sick of the the everyone hating LS lops thing. It's so annoying. Because you see him a lot on the internet. But in person, you don't see them and their hurston LS swap to forty go. All right. That's fucking. It's a weird. It's become this like instant response. And it's such a like lemmings thing. So if you're forums right now, and you're shitting on someone or your in comments or whatever about having an LSU just a lemming because like you just saying it because the other guy's saying, look, I do appreciate. Nate weird swaps weird swabs are hard to do. They are usually not that reliable. And it takes a lot more money to do it. Yeah. And if you just want to build a reliable three hundred and fifty four hundred horsepower car in LS is fits and everything. It's a tight package, which is what makes it so good. Well, the communists act like they're at a show with magician and he's doing the same trick. And like do a different trick. It's like knows wanted to build this car. You're not an audience to just a show. That's very simple like this is someone built this project, and it has to work and run race. And you burn out your drift, or whatever it's not they're just like bored of seeing it. But it's like that's not my problem. And I get it. I mean, I get people get bored of seeing the same thing over and over again like you said about our WBZ before. Yeah. Like are the WB market seems so overly saturated? Yeah. Probably forty and all of America. But but thirty of them learn Los Angeles every single one of them gets a lot of media coverage. Yeah. I man he's gonna fucking die soon..

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