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There was an alternate ending filmed but it was actually their backup ending the studio didn't like the ending they got neither do i they didn't like gerard butler turn traitor they thought audiences wouldn't like it he should be more romantic okay so there was going to be a longer fight between rice and croft in which rice accidentally shoots and kills drew are butler k not unlike how dana craig almost sorta died last time yeah they film that and she was going to kiss him and say she not loved him but something like that as he died yeah this is the problem you have a female action star and studio suits the oh like she needs to have womanly romantic ideals and that is not lara croft that is not the character we played she's tough as nails she doesn't need these men and she always exceeds without them i would be angry if she ended up in his arms at the end of this movie that would infuriate me yeah this fight though rice isn't a fighter and the whole running around ceilings it's visually cool it's completely unmotivated by anything i don't know why you get to the cradle and now you're dancing on the ceiling gravity's reverse or something it's just i mean i've seen this before in labyrinth and they did it much better there too much better effect they needed to movie it up they're like well how do we make this visually exciting if you walk up to a bubbling pool and there's a glowing box you need to do something this would be fun to play in a game though that'd be kind of a neat little thing to be having to find your opponent above you standing onto ceiling.

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