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And i looked at myself own and sure enough there was the message from my scheduler saying that the president wanted to meet with me at six thirty pm so lee listen i talked him we decided that we should go together and meet would the president and that's what we did and it was just the two of you you and senator murkowski we were the only two senators although i met other senators coming and going but sitting in on the meeting was the president's council and his head of legislative of fares can i imagine that because it was two of you you got thirty minutes rather than fifteen correct and what did you talk about if i might ask well obviously bets a nice try but i'm not going to go into all of the details of the private conversation with the president but i did encourage him to appoint someone who could attract some democratic support so that we did not have a part of some vote and i encouraged him to appoint someone who would respect precedent i told him that that was very important to me and what did he say in response to that the president was taking in all that we were saying and he listened intently and i also encouraged him not to feel bound by the list of potential nominees that he he has put out for the public to see so you encourage him to look beyond a list that is generally populated by very conservative prolife nominees well i don't know that all of the nominees are prolife i do know that this list had a lot of input from the federalist society and i believe that the president should get ad vice from a wide range of sources and to be fair also the president i will tell you did say that if i had some suggestions to send them to as white house counsel and i soon you that's a correct assumption so the fact that the president asked to speak to you and senator murkowski back to back it does suggest that the lighter not your republican colleagues the president himself are thinking of you as the two senators they have to focus on using that there's particular pressure on you and senator murkowski not just because you're independent but because you are women and and i'm i'm not saying that that's fair but it may be a reality you know i always wanna push back when people characterize positions that i take as being tied to my gender i'm concerned about a lot of different issues and i would resist the notion that because i am a woman there is an extra burden on me on this particular nominee right and i want to be very clear that i'm not saying any of this is fair or right but there's inevitably going to be a narrative here a tired narrative admittedly whereas a woman senator if you were to support a supreme court justice who helped overturn roe v wade that you would be betraying women but as a republican woman in power you probably know better than almost anyone that there are many women who wanna see roe v wade overturn i was just gonna make.

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