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Here in two sixty eight to sixty to lead over the nets will break down the first after just a little bit first a check of what's going on around the rest of the NBA tonight through the second quarter in Toronto with the Hornets have a ten point lead over the raptors forty seven to thirty seven bridges as twelve points to lead the Hornets Norman Powell back in the lineup for Toronto eleven points in the first after the first quarter in Memphis the Grizzlies for the team's twenty six eighteen Dillon Brooks as seven first quarter Milwaukee the box with the thunder twenty to fourteen fox when the other night their fiftieth of the year there fifty eight on the season thunder thirty seventy twenty two first quarter in Miami the P. playing tonight they need to be in Miami tomorrow to take on the needs of both seem to be on the second of back to back right out of the first quarter with Dallas twenty six Moodie Dr celebrating his twenty first birthday tonight I think he's only twenty one years old great place to celebrate your twenty first birthday though in the first quarter the pelicans lead the Cavaliers thirty eight to twenty five families we get put down thirteen in the first quarter of the pelicans silence got the sweep your lists the next coming into today have a half game lead on the magic for the seventh spot in the Eastern Conference magic actually tonight hosting the Timberwolves during the third quarter headed to Minnesota on south Orlando sixty nine eighty eight vehicle Russell eighteen points twenty five thousand you and I were sitting the angel Russell it seems to be a race situation and the comply with the load management there were five twenty five thousand dollars it's shocking right here the wizards argued you try to take on the jazz the fish in the Phoenix and the nuggets the clippers tonight a good match up on the west coast W. forty eighteen hundred right behind misstated thirty nine ninety John Collins with twenty two points here in Atlanta lead the way for the hawks the week sixty eight sixty two over the nets will go back to break down the first tab for you right after this you're listening the Brooklyn nets basketball the fifth four thirty or sixty six and one one nine FM WFAN bursting.

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