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Trial. Know what I'm. Hey, Jews. He believed that John was Jewish. It's hardly enough to win retrial. But then Doreen says, aloe drops a bombshell. Nigerian. Have been in Georgia. Your. For Doreen. It's a Gotcha moment. She says, if what aloe is saying is true, he should never have been on the jury because he knew some of her sons friends. I know. About. So when aloe started confessing that maybe he didn't belong on this jury and and he had known some of the kids. What was your reaction as you're tape recording this? I was disgusted with him because he was set it proudly, and he's bragging how he put this kid away. What did you want to do? I wanted to punch him in his face Doreen thinks she's finally got the goods on juror eight and believes it can win her son's freedom, but it's so doing which may have lost something. What did the undercover sting? Do your marriage destroyed that you were quoted as saying, you know, get another husband. I can't get another son. Colored. The undercover mother after eleven agonizing months of surveilling and seducing juror eight, Jason allo Doreen Quinn Giuliano thinks she's sitting on gold and admission. She says, Allah made on a secret recording that he should never have been on the jury that convicted her son. And you uphold a witness it. If you know or -ffiliated with these people in any way, you have to let them know. Omitting to you that he'd lied, which is contempt of court, and perjury and unbelievable story of a mother trying to get her son out of jail. She goes undercover a double life October two thousand eight news undercover exploits become public, and the press is in a frenzy. This has to be put down on the record ABC news scores and interview with that juror Jason allo for Nightline with his attorney by his side. Sometimes even in his lap aloe denies to Martin Bashir the things Doreen claims she caught on tape. Jews. Do you ever recall saying anything like I hate, you know, he would never say Jason. I'm not a prejudiced person is sort of thing that you imagine you might have said, what is what does that have to do with just the interview question, but it doesn't make sense it will. It does because I'm coming to a point. I got don't answer. There's no reason Tennessee. Coatings eat. You say, you hate Jews, that's, that's. That's your interpretation of the tape recordings. And what about that recording? Where aloe seems to admit, he never should have been on the jury at all. Can you ever remember saying I shouldn't have been in that jury. He doesn't remember saying to you chase an ever. I don't. Did you commit perjury? Absolutely not. Were you lying to the judge when he asked you if you knew anything about ridiculous? This is the most ridiculous questions I've ever heard. He's questions are nothing but tidbits. This is a bunch of malarkey that wanted to get your reaction to this interview that we did when you see his face, what's your reaction. Discuss. He denied a lot of the stuff that you got him on tape saying, right, I have the proof. So now all's we gotta do is right emotion and submit it to the judge. And they did just that filing a motion in two thousand eight to bake Kate, her son's conviction on the grounds of juror misconduct. But after all those months, that wind, the wire, the wooing Doreen hopes are dashed the judge Schuster motion down in flames, casting doubt on the reliability of the recordings and saying, there was no evidence that allo intentionally lied. He even slams Doreen personally denouncing her for reckless and vigilante behavior. He said that you were guilty of extraordinary misconduct. Did you go too far? Maybe it was misguided, but definitely not too far because any mother would do it. You are painted as somebody who would stop at nothing to subvert the criminal Justice system slow as I follow the law. Oh, I don't see anything wrong within. So instead of giving up despite the resounding legal defeat in two thousand twelve Doreen decides to double down. So I decided to investigate each and every person who wrongfully testified against my son. And I started off with Jeff house informant. That's right. Juke is one time prison mate turned informant. Jonah veto the prosecution's Dr. witness. Remember in damning testimony. He claimed that Juku admitted to him that he pistol whipped Mark Fisher that night before his friend finished him off. This veto was basically putting the target right on John Lucas Doreen now sets her sights squarely on a veto to try to uncover why she believes he lied on the stand. This time, she turns to a professional seasoned private investigator. Jay Sal. Peter are contacted. And I asked to Maitland him. He was a little apprehensive and an investigator like move forward on getting to trust you. I like to start with more sugar than spice, retired NYPD detective coaxes a veto into meeting him in his white SUV in this Benson, Hurst neighborhood all the while. His trusty tape recorder is rolling. Just in case the ex-con has something he wants to get off his chest. Repeats

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