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Now so you know what i never should have done that like if he had an affair like jennifer flowers was closer to his own age like those a little different scenario in i agree with you on that that's private business private business you know right whatever but this is different situation he's at work and he's doing this on the job and you're the president that's air responsible on so many different levels and you've gotta know better you should be looking out for a young lady like that you shouldn't be taking advantage of that situation just because you're horny even she's interested in you don't take advantage of that you're in the driver's seat that to me is what's what was most i was disappointed at the time i'm not yeah i'm not time machine disappointed in this you know at the time i was talking about it and i was very upset about it because of that part of it not be and it that part of it was the most is that he didn't look out for that young lady because she was so young you know it's interesting because it's it feels like something that i don't remember anyone really talking about i i don't know don't know i don't remember heartbe coast partisanship became what the conversation was about and because the republicans were so vile in their attack on the clintons from the beginning i mean they were violent they're attacked in their attack and this this whole thing started in because you guys don't really know where it started from this whitewater investigation where they're trying to find anything in clinton yes exactly which is ridiculous you know that he's the president stop it you know trying to drag up some land deal that happened twenty years earlier whatever and that's what the ken starr investigation started and it started morphing into these other areas and the polish jones lawsuit became this thing also and it was just all these distractions to attack clinton because economy started doing better the publicans were worried about you know the reelection so it all started before this the reaction it's so crazy 'cause what i remember from the time was just like guys on the radio joking about like what she look like.

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