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I had to have their claims thoroughly reviewed the talking points read according to a copy sent to two democratic operatives in this case a thorough review by The New York Times has led to the truth this incident did not happen because the times which did hit job on Tara Reid and try to defend Biden claim said it didn't do a it didn't come to the conclusion that Biden was an innocent man the final sentence there's never been a complaint allegation had a rumor of any impropriety or inappropriate conduct like this regarding Biden ever is clearly refuted by Cochran's column more than a decade before this current scandal I'm sure Brian Stelter will be all over this program I don't understand what what's at prime fox news are concocted this entire thing gotcha Sean Hannity did he talk to the whole thing yeah yeah he did no I know this to be the case and how do you know that Brian well because fox channels Fox Sports March five rush I mean rucksacks okay Brian you moron so Nancy Pelosi continued CNN today she's making her appearances in her favorite media organs here she is cut five go well I in and has great sympathy for any women who bring forth an allegation on big strong supporter of the me too movement I I think it's been a great made great contributions to our country and and and I do support Joe Biden I'm satisfied with how he has responded Joe Biden has her work trump I never said a word he didn't respond and she satisfied with him his response she's as much of a low IQ knuckle head as as Joe Biden the Democrat party is is attracted to the sort of person Mr British do you know why they can't turn on Joe Biden he's our nominee what the hell are you gonna do I mean they haven't nominated me up but he's got the dell he's our nominee so they can't jettison Joe Biden and of course all guns are aimed at trump so they would vote for an orange juice can over Donald Trump what day in our shoes can of course as we all know is smarter than Joe Biden go ahead I was proud to endorse him the other day on Monday very proud to endorse and and so on I'm satisfied says she's proud to endorse by she satisfied with his response which is non existent and that just shows you all you women out there I think the Democrat party stand with you you're wrong they don't they don't stand with you they stand for their own it's just a pretext it's about women's rights it's about liberal women's rights go ahead I mean he hasn't to be clear he hasn't addressed it his campaign has interested but he has not directly addressed it should he directly publicly address how much stop here Alisyn Camerota I remember you when you were at fox and you are real serious reporter you still have this in your you still have the same you need to break loose from the Jim Jones type said Sian and you got to get away from there you gotta you gotta get away from the Jim Jones mentality over there at the constipated news network you have this within you before you completely and utterly destroy yourself just a side point go ahead you know it's a matter that he has to deal with but I am impressed with the people who work for him at the time saying that ever absolutely never heard one of the iota of information about this nobody ever brought forth a couple of this is such a phony diversion she never told the others in the office of a Gee I wonder why I thought every woman who makes an accusation is to be believed is to be believed is it not enough that she has five individuals who corroborate what she said that's five more than then Pelosi others had against Cavanaugh go ahead or had anybody else tell them about such a claim so in other words you need you need multiple victims to come out otherwise Nancy Pelosi is not convinced but look she's all for the me too movement his four daughters and a son so she saw for the me too movement as long as women are hurt now ladies and gentlemen that's not the test as long as women are hurt if somebody makes a credible allegation of rape and that's what we're talking about here you better believe that needs to be taken seriously she put her name on the line a former neighbor puts her name on the line others have come forward and put their names on the line more than you have the capital case more than you're really having the Clarence Thomas case only the rest of this but keep in mind this is the same party that defended Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick Ted circle the wagons around Chappaquiddick Ted don't ever forget that and it's the same media that covered up the Holocaust and that reported propaganda from Walter Duranty about Stalin and Stalin's massacre the Ukrainians keep all this in mind that's what we're dealing with here go ahead can we have a I shut up you rambling but phone I'll be right back then it's time to check the roads from the Dr this checking traffic sponsored by ace a helpful place construction Las Vegas Boulevard between to Hera and just before okay also construction on to wrangle between say Hera in Charleston Tropicana torn up both directions construction from Maryland parkway over to the boulder highway and construction on windmill between.

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