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Washington comes to talk program. In two hours. We handed off to the great One mark have been much to discuss between now and then, in 30 minutes to check in with the brand new chairman of the Prince William kind of Republican Committee, Tim Perish, and by the way, I want to hear from you coming up in the next hour about Of what you want from your Republican party. Maybe even Mr Parrish will take your questions. You know what? What do you want your Republican Party and Prince William County or in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the state of Maryland or wherever you happen to be. What do you expect from your Republican Party? We had this conversation yesterday about being the silent majority Had a caller who said, Where's the leadership? Where's Mitch McConnell? Where's Lindsey? Graham? And my responses where you Where you But if you're not seeing something from the senator of Kentucky, the majority leader of the Senate, maybe you should start bringing it to the table. And maybe Tim Parrish is the beginning of that in Prince William County. If you are a Republican and Prince William County or in Fairfax County, or in Loudon County, anywhere in Northern Virginia, or for that matter in Maryland, What do you want from your party right now? Where do you want to be led? What kind of leadership? Do you want to see? 8886309625 Triple 86 30 W M A L I do think this is a place for the Republican Party to step up at all levels. And when I often criticize us were sitting around and only caring about his sits behind the resolute desk every four years in the Oval Office instead of putting some attention on who's sitting behind the teacher's desk in our kid's school room. Where these Elections ultimately are won and lost many years down the line. If you wonder why Bernie Sanders is so popular with kids in their twenties. Why Alexandra Cozzi Cortez's ideas they're taking root with so many high school and college kids look at what they were learning. In the schools that you paid for 15 years ago. Battle. Start answering your questions. When you see all of these kids getting days off for protest Ng in Montgomery County and Fairfax kind of your board of supervisors. Your school boards are all sitting there saying, Oh, yeah, absolutely. We'll give. We'll give days off for kids so that they can go participate in a protest that undermined their mothers and fathers. Second Amendment rights. And you're paying for it. You're compelled to pay for it. By the way, it's not like you're voluntarily saying, yeah, you know, I want to give some money to the government run schools so that they can then fund my Children's participation and undermining my own political positions of my own political voice. I want to give my I'm gonna voluntarily reach into my pocket and give my money to Montgomery County schools in Fairfax County schools. So that they can then make my kid into a political activist to undermine my own political beliefs. That's what I want to do know you're not even able to do it voluntarily. You're compelled to do it. You don't have a choice. You're forced to give up that money at the barrel of a gun. And you think that that's not what taxation is? Well, you'll see what happens when you don't pay it. You will have things taken away from you, including your freedom. And ultimately, the only way they can take your freedom away from you is if they compel you to go to prison, and they do that, by, you know, shown up with guns. I'm sorry. I don't mean to make it that drastic. But that's exactly what the ramifications of these laws are. So when they tax you and they take your money from you And spend it without your approval on government run schools. That then teach your own Children to undermine your own basic principles and values. This is what we end up with. Which brings us back to the Republican Party because the Republican Party across the board In northern Virginia in Maryland. And yes, even in Washington, D C. In the District Council level, and certainly in our federal government. They Work for you. That's the way it's supposed to work. This is not supposed to be a top down organization and then just look at what the Democrats have done. Remember Obama for America? That was his presidential campaign Obama for America, and it had a huge data. The 30,000 people, I think all donors, all activists that's 30,000 activists. Now they had millions of people who were donating that made Obama for America, and when he became president, he did something relatively unprecedented. He did not disband his campaign. He did not shut down. His campaign Barack Obama did when he ran for president and won the election in 2008. He did not dismantle his presidential campaign. He converted it. He converted it to organizing for America O F A was Obama for America? And the whole purpose of the apparatus was to raise money to get Barack Obama elected once he got into office, and this is what the left does. This is what Democrats do. This is what community organizers do because they know it's not about winning an election. When he won the election for the highest office in the land. He didn't say. Oh, well. Our work here is done. We did what we needed to do. We won the election. No. His work was just beginning. And he converted Obama for America to organizing for America. And it's still going And in fact, it's part of the community organizing apparatus and fundraising apparatus that you're seeing two day undermining this president resisting this president. And pushing back on the basic traditional principles and values and qualities that have made this country what it is today. I'm not going to sit here and complain about it and whine about it and get bitter. I want us to get better. Because our opponents see this is a daily fight. And they organized to that end, they fundraised to that end there constantly recruiting to that end, the fight continues. The fight continues. When we win an election. The fight continues. When we lose an election. The fight continues. But the fight continues, no matter what. We don't have Obama for America organizing for America, but we're supposed to have a political party, an apparatus that is supposed to work from the ground up from the precinct level and into the district level and to the county level in the state level and to the national level. That's what they were about. So what do you want from.

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