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Don't remember it was a semi final fifty eight was a semi final. And feed us one. Win The game, so there's an interview on the court. And and the speaker says feed as you say. Hey, there's something that after say, nobody in the history of Tennis Nobody Beats Vitas Gerulaitis more than sixteen times in a row. fillers Vitas bar just. slashing. And yes, so yes I think we played in a time where tennis was popular because it was like Jahn the game he was beyond the game. I have so much respect for the generation today. Play some unbelievable tennis, but they don't have these. Luxury to really express themselves with people. Don't see it. People don't see I, don't they? Don't feel it. People don't know them. Really you know not dial. You. Know is a strong player united. She's one of the best. Ever. But you don't know him. You don't read or read on, know him. Within. The code of Conduct Yelich wins. Therefore when you were down the other end of the court from John. When when he would lose. What was it like I? Mean we were you able to rationalize that viewpoint then and think what actually this is good for the game. He can do it. That's fine or Or was it. Was it tough? No it was. It was part of the big of the Game John Always. Beat me always. He had me because me. The energy that I loved was like a happy energy. Excitement. A showtime kind of energy you know. And and John. Liked the drama elected you coming with John on the court? Okay, we like same size. We starting to play. I'm doing a couple of jokes trying to pass as me I dive. I make a good show and I'm taking the energy and taking the I'm taking all the energy. I remember playing him once in Dallas that used to have the W. C. T. in Dallas Tournament of champions I'm playing him. We both from New York, so we add spend some time together. At my place that he plays, you know. So! We friends, so we go to play and okay. We get on the CO together and I'm starting for the first time I'm playing well the energy good people are rooting for me I was always Democrat crowd favorite some taking all the energy of the stadium. A much bigger than him now. At that tiny for no reason he created like problem. He twenty, nine thousand to scream. Then the Energy Tori change my film. You know my script scenario that I wrote was comedy phone. Happy feeling it was people enjoyed, and all of a sudden like brings like trauma. And as I I is, it goes I see my my energy going down down. We didn't even play yet again. And this is what happened anyone. And at one point, we have an argument on the court. He comes to the net and I'm like. Me At the time, I'm talking to my friend. I said John Come Man, and you know what he said Fuck you. For Real and like I, was like I I was I was hurt. So, that any got me then you got me, so you know we're playing in Dallas where the mavericks playing, so we have these big locker rooms. You know where you have one. You know. We all stay in these big locker rooms. Tournament of Champions, eight players, so we like taking the shower and we ended showers with together naked. We together naked I know in the shower stays like five minutes. He's going Takao Rochon I'm going to showers so these nobody just us in the shower naked. And as communist turned his back show Muzak. Like you know, I'm not talking to some John. John I mean that means enough I lost I. Reach out to John so that means like what we're not friends anymore. And he goes I'm sorry man is part of the game, so I'm sorry man and he got me and you know I if I understood. At that moment you know the which John Never had a problem when he was winning, it was always when he was very close or when he was losing and when he started to do this. Wherever you wear in the other side of the net, you didn't even exist. And this is when he was getting energy. So that was that was, his game was the mind game he was playing I realized late. You know when. I started to work on late in my career and when I was coaching, so the part of the mind game things that you thought about getting four forehands, a back ends. I used to play beyond one day. I'm playing in stow calm. And you know it's very. I don't think it happens that you remember the best rally a your life. The best rally, so we're playing Stockholm I think in the semifinals. And at one point, we have a rally that you know from the. From the back. Left right left right left. Right left right at one point I'm like tired. I'm getting tired during the rally in our because he's been coal most a minute hitting so of course I okay I'm going for the last shot. I'm trying to hear okay. I need a win or not, because I can't breathe so I hit it. Come to the net. Eh passes me I dive. Comes allows me, I run I. Don't have anymore guess. I run I hit. A shot is back. We going on a rally? I know he's. Finally come to the net you know and I in a great approach. You passes me. The whole stadium stands up screening. Screaming I look at him. And I've like I feel proud him. United Smile, you know. Look at me. He doesn't even. Doesn't. He barely looks at me. Go back and take the next book from the WAL boy. This point counted for one set. It got me. Got Me because I wanted to connect with him. You know just have a little break. Connect you. Let me. And I was gone ice cold note, but bork now is like one of my best friends you know. We talk all the time you know. We see each other. We spend vacation together like the best and then. No that was his thing. Back End forehands strong, Best Best Physical Athletics Athlete. I've seen on the court ever. Remember. He won these thing that call the superstars you remember. It was his thing with all different athletes from. Different disciplines, and he wanted easi easily, but yeah gone, that was beyond that was his energy. Gamma was the point you know you can gain. Was a pilot. Was Yours right? He was actually writing books..

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