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Welcome back it is a bit Ferguson sure nice to have you with us said this afternoon as we will keep you updated on if you travel a story here and that is really sad the Memphis police department identified are the two children killed after drive by shooting in hickory hill this is the third child within a week to be murdered in Memphis child child I'll say it again third shy old should be murdered third child to be murdered in the city and the mayor's response is well somebody knows what happened so call crime stoppers and and and we'll get you paid I I I I mean there's there there isn't I am convinced now there's not a single person that could be murdered in this city no matter who they are and name is how it how or or the age that would make this mayor change course on fighting crime either he just doesn't know what he's doing or doesn't care at this point I'm sorry I think it's it doesn't care and he'll tell you cares but if you cared it some point you every man has a breaking point I don't know how this isn't that breaking point I really don't there are far too many bad people members and they're clearly not of law enforcement to deal with it that is not the fault of the police as I said earlier that is not the fault of the police yes I want you to queue up that other audio that we had that that that second clip talking about the reaction from the community on this and and then I'll get your phone calls and hear the number five three five nine seven three two five three five nine seven three two I yeah I play that shortens your current version again so people can actually hear this for his reaction take a listen violence.

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