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Right. So I pulled the question. Would you rather eat sushi off of cap or your co You can vote on today's Would you rather Yeah, I know. And you cannot tweet me back and say no, either, or, yeah. You could abstain in that vote. You have to finish the meal like no, You have to have a piece of sushi. That's it. There's just one. You know, I saw yesterday to what's his face. Who's the guy? The business guy used to work for ESPN? Who's near and Ravel. Darren Rivelle. Did you see this? Because he guaranteed that Cleveland wouldn't go into Tennessee and score more than 24 points or something like that. Not see this, so he had the dog food. A deal, right? Yeah, And and so he had, and he had the Paul Newman dog food. Really? And so he took a spoonful of it, and he starts throwing up on camera. I mean, I think it was that letter. Is it wet or dry dog food? It was in the can. So it's the West. What s so wet, But it's not really messy. It's still And here's my question. What Would that make you throw up? I mean, it is chicken and real stuff. And well, I think it depends on like how it's seen Scratching. Your stomach is like I got itchy and scratchy bala issues, But my stomach's not that bad terms of I'm not prone to puke Ng. I'm prone to sitting down for an extended period of time, but I'm not a puke er on that hill food. It's still head of this is my dog's Got God had bladder. Had bladder. Not sis. But whatever shit bladder stones so way to bring us down. No, no, no. No. But wait a second. She had bladder stones when she was like three, So we had to have her. We had a had a surgery for her. She's she's fine. She's great. She's 11. She bites every now and again, but she's she's I love her. But ever since you've got a buyer, special food, otherwise you're going to get bladder start. She's gonna get bladder stones again and So you know, I mean, the food for her is really It's expensive. So my guess is if I had to sit down and eat it, it better taste good. We're not good, but be it for me. Keep it down. My dog was having stomach problems. We said hey, should we be giving her chicken and rice and my way get a special food and her? That's her food's just chicken and rice, right? Just Mac. That's right. So it's just but it looks like a Jell O. You know, parties are gelatin like that. I think it was more mind over matter thing, and he cites himself out. I get it. It is food. It's not like what's his gold hammer? And who was the guy a poop? Right? Right. He poop, but it originated from Philly. Didn't that originally happen in the guy Who's And he originally say that he would, which happened first. Was it Goldhammer in Cleveland, eating the poop? Or was it the guy in Philly? Who said that? If the Eagles won the Super Bowl, he would be Pope. Hope I don't look, I think maybe was a fan of the parade or something. That a horse poop. Yeah, Yeah, It was just a drunk Philadelphia fans after the celebration videos where the guy just gets down, and for some reason, they're like, eat it. Hey, he eats the poop flinging off a bad so Goldhammer then said he would do it if they drafted Baker Mayfield, like I would puke over that. I don't think I don't think one spoonful of Paul Newman's dog food. Wouldn't make me want to puke. Especially that was hungry. No, I don't think I don't think it's a hungry issue. No, I just think it's a matter of whether or not that makes you get you Never had one of your try to dog biscuit before. Yeah, that's different. I could eat a dog biscuit right now. Like that, But don't let it probably fix you up. That's probably the wet food, though there is a certain amount of grossness to it. It's a consistency. Consistency thing. Yeah. Do you like cranberry sauce? Cranberry sauce makes me like it's like a lamb Berries. Or, like the kid like you opened up to can you turn it over and it comes out in this big gel? No, that's kind of what the dog food looks like. Yeah, you don't like what else don't you like, cause you get psyched out by it? I know you don't like male, but there's another food. Pumpkin pie, Right? Yeah. Looks won't need it area it does. I'm sorry. Like my dog does that in the neighbor's yard. I clean it up, but Sometimes that's not but no, I It's not a neighbor chard. It's It's actually like a forest thing. It's not a neighbor's yard. It's the city jock, but, um, take that like for but I can't. I can't. I can't look at pumpkin pie. It makes me sick. All right, just to reset If you want to weigh in on this be our guest 2332377 sex. We're guests free to for the entire five o'clock hour, so canceled on us because of the conversations. We've had plenty of phone calls to be had right here. If you want to get in talk bears. The White Sox made some big moves. Today. They traded for a starter, and Lance Lynn. They signed Adam Eaton again Do a one year deal will be their starter and right field, right? Yes, he'll be the right field starter. There's still according to truck are fine, interested in others in possibly adding Michael Brantly. Another picture could be coming too. So we want to play you the interview that Adam Eaton had on this show on the station today and hung up or at least ended the interview early with Carmen in your coat. Here's what I'm pissed about, though, so we were talking about the Houston Texan. Going to this group of people to help their owner again. A lot of these football owners know nothing about football. They're just rich people who have You know, and again, This is the thing to make. Their family was in the energy business. Right? So I think that they are very knowledgeable energy family, but football, maybe not so much. And then the so Bob McNair may have learned. But now this is the sun running the team. Right. So this is a lot like the McCaskey's, where George Palace played in George Palace was an athlete and George House founded the league. And George House coach for all those years, he knew football. He was a football guy. Maybe he was the original football guy, right, So he's a football guy. But then Virginia Mary's Ed, and then it becomes, And then there's I think there was a falling out of mugs. He died or something. And then the team was left to the McCaskey side of the family. And now the McCaskey's have been running it and they're not a football family. And Michael certainly wasn't in. Michael screwed things up so badly that they decided to pull it away from the family and make Ted the president and then Ted is kept the president's role. But now George has has taken over, quote running everything at the tip tip top here. So it's a football family that doesn't know football. So the point is here with a tax in another family that doesn't know football. They're putting together consulting group that includes RC Buford of the San Antonio Spurs. He's their CEO. He's run things is there general manager for many years. With pop, and they've won championships in San Antonio. In basketball. They've hired Tony Dungy, former player, former coach Jimmy Johnson Hall of Fame coach Rod Graves. Long time front office Guy and Andrew Johnson, one of the ring of honor players, So a group in all shapes and sizes, they want to turn over every stone. And I said, My four I tweeted out. Here's my four. Theo Epstein, Peyton Manning, Mike Shanahan and Bill Polian..

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