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Ladies and gentlemen, today's opponent on Man versus train at the Crossing. We have Rick £175 frustrated man who's running late for work. The tracks. We have bowl, a million pound freight train that takes a mile to stop. Let's see who comes out on time. You can't be the train, so don't try Stop trains can't paid for by Nitsa. Money. News of 25 55 over to Jeff Klee Bond market. Good Start to the week The Dow was up 100 points even right now, the S and P 500 index is up 35. That's almost 1%. The NASDAQ is up 226 points. That's a 1.7% gain. Buying a house without a mortgage is a stretch for most buyers, but More than one in five home sales last month were all cash deals. National Association of Realtors says 17% of home sales in February were investors or second home buyers. The CEO of restaurant chain Texas Roadhouse has died by suicide. Ken Taylor took his own life after a struggle with post covert health problems. He was 65. Jeff Global, believes he'll be news as the CDC warns against traveling air travelers sundae topped 1.5 million for the first time in more than a year. That's ahead 1 57. Remodeling for how you live today. Here's Bob Gallagher, president of Sun Design, Remodeling Sharing how remodeling can bring family and friends together in one of the biggest benefits of design, build as compared to other types of processes that might be available really entails the opportunity to get into some interesting conceptual ideas and spend time figuring out all the possibilities and what it is. That could be done. And you know you might throw the kitchen over here over there and this way and that way, and this is an opportunity. Where you can really do these things because it's just on paper, and then we can figure out the various scopes of what that means and then also price ranging and at that point, then you can really figure out how to identify what is the scope of work that you want to move forward. That thing that really makes you excited inside and like, Wow, we've found our solution. This is it. Let's move forward when you get to that point. It's a great time from their going son design that their virtual remodeled home tour event on March 25th learn how your neighbors air, modifying their homes for a better.

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