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Green. Matthew. There are two parts of this discussion, and one of them is pretty straight forward is a J. Green worth the risk Now the second part, and I think he's sort of tied together is I don't normally like to ask you or anybody. Hey, if you're choosing between these two players on the same team, which do you prefer, Because why do you have to choose between them, right? Because the A T P for a J. Green and Tyler Boyd is so similar this year and a J. Green's A D P right now is wide receiver 29 Avoids wide receiver 30. So in this case, you may very well be making the choice between a J. Green and Tyler Boyd. So let's start here. How much of arrest you view a. J. Green as and then? You prefer him or Tyler Boyd if you had to choose one of the two going into the season, so I have Tyler Boyd rank 30th. I have a Jade green 32. So obviously my ranks. I I prefer Boyd that said, it depends again on every Everything is just sort of about how you how you value your team and how you're constructing your roster right so and your league rules. If I have extra eye our spots, I might be more willing to take a flier on a J. Green, who I think is the more talented wide receiver and I think if both guys play all 16 games, I think a J. Green finishes with more fantasy points in Tyler Boyd, right. But the question with green obviously, of course, is always health. And so s so yeah. If or if I'm doing more of a, you know, hire upside. Team right? Or if I feel like, you know, it just depends on sort of when I get to that point, the draft do I need more solid production, Or can I swing for the fence is a little bit more if I'm swinging for the fences, little Maurits a J green If I'm just like you know what? I just need a solid guy that it can start every week. To me. It's Tyler void. Okay, Fair enough. I don't want to, but I have them right close to each other. You and I want to just just illuminate a couple of things on a J. Green that are different this year compared to last year. They're not health related is that Last year with a J green. There was frustration and sort of discontent surrounding his contract and wanting a new one and realizing that it probably wasn't going to get the Bangles were obviously downtrodden all year last year, his close personal friend Andy Dalton, gets them is because one of his best friends, I think in the world, it's like getting bench like there was a lot Of factors working against a J. Green returning last year, and I'm not injury. You ever got benched Gates? I want you to know that I would sit out the year with an injury due injury right, but but not to suggest that he's actually he's not. He wasn't budging an injury, but I would just say that there are times were in a play. I'm not accusing him of being. I'm just letting I'm just letting the world to talk about it personally, I would fake one, but I'm saying, like, guys have the right. Look, if they're close, if they're close to a contractor, something like if they wanna wait and preserve their body like we get that that's fair. Christian, McCaffrey said of a bowl game like because you wanted and it was great. He's a Trailblazer. Right guys have to make business decisions. Sometimes this year. I think it's a different mentality for a J. Green. He's one year away from getting paint as he was last year, But now he realizes we don't play this year. What team is going to say? All right. It is like, hey, let's let's sign a J. Green after 2.5 years away from football to a lucrative deal the age of 32. They're not going to do that Agent Green is motivated this year to realize he has a chance to go ahead and make that money that he will only get one more time in his career. He's 32. You don't get long term contracts for a wide receiver at the age of 35. Or 36 So I am more confidence in a J. Green this year by award Mart wide margin that I was going into last season, and that's coming from someone who drafted a J. Green in the war room league. Yeah, he did not help you out in that league did not help you and Matt Harrington out at all. I don't know. But yes, I don't disagree. And so right, you have you have a J green higher than avoid by two spots. We're flip flop there again. It's just sort of like But even with He's still a rest. I'm with you like going to tough it out and like he's got a different mindset, of course, but Is the guy that's missed a lot of time over the last few years, and he is 32 years and I get and we play this game with emotion. And I understand the people that say you know what? For the past couple of years, I've been burned by a J. Green. I'm not doing it again. This season. Having said that if he stays healthy, he's been a top 17 fantasy wide receiver, and he plays when he plays great. He is a beast and anything else that you want to add in here on the injury front for a J. Green or Tyler Boyd. Otherwise, we just want to say thank you for the A plus analysis is always No. I think you're saying you guys are echoing pretty much my thoughts on a jade green as well, Just personally rooting for him because there aren't many guys who rehab harder than he does. And he looked phenomenal for the few place. We saw him in training camp last year before you got hurt again to follow you. You're the best we thank you will talk to you again tomorrow. Hopefully you continue to have power in your home during that time. Before we wrap up the Bangles, Matthew just of the non A. J. Green's left, Tyler Boy, Pass catchers. Tea, Higgins. Any of those guys just 10 seconds? You have a late round flyer You like. The on ly flier I like is just in dynasty leagues. I just want to bring up Trey Vion Williams. Okay, led the SEC and rushing dig him like Giga Maggie's text, saying, I think he's a very talented running back and that if Joe Mixon were to move on after this year, I think they just talking with some people around the Bangles organization. They like Trey Beyond Williams quite a bit. He didn't get on the field very much last year, but he's a talented running back and just a name to file away for her dynasty leagues. I like tea. Higgins is No, but I think he's again. There's only so many mouths to feed for Dynasty. If a degree doesn't walk after this year, he could be an interesting name to keep an eye on. He would certainly be. Do you have any interest at all? In C J. Uzoma widow, with Tyler Eifert moving on. Anyone.

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