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Raphael Don wins the amends when Russian Danneal Medvedev what's caught hacking Dell's emails boo women's won by Bianca and tree schoo- who beat Serena Williams uh-huh by a single vowel and this week in sports history the year eighteen ninety-five place Gina Chicago Illinois any Londonderry Londonderry becomes the first woman to ride around the world on a bike took her fifteen months she won ten thousand dollars and use the money to start start her never ever ride a bike around the world foundation swatter House update brought to you by sticklers dot com the anal retentive dating site want Armie this weekend guys. I'll be with my buddies. Taft Hartley and PJ BOTTOMS CALLING HDTV's new hit show panic room renovation this there's trump waterhouse reminding you play with pay. Uh I like the intense note at the end water sports now. I want an ice cream discount so good drier in God. That's so much good so funny. That's how you do it kids. If you're listening young funny people not enough just to be funny and in the right down and sort things out and then go have some fun yeah my I remember when I was with. I got my foot. Just sure you know who randy mosses high eighty three percents barely right stupid so great. I barely got my foot in the door. K Rock and I remember thinking I'm GonNa do Burcham was Jet Waterhouse Bits. It's just a bit and I remember thinking. I better work my ass off for like the first ten hin bits. The eleventh bit could be a C. minus and I'd live to fight another day but with any in the first five R. C. minuses. That's so it's open your over and that's kind of how the world works. Jimmy said you're going to call and Kevin and bean and they're probably not going to think it's funny and that'll be the end of that but if you can get them to laugh right then the let you do it the next week they won't pay you you or care. They'll go they'll have you'll have a meeting at the end of that day on Monday and they'll go. Hey that guy called in. You want to call the next week. They'll go okay or thumbs down and I sorted new is much. I hated homework and writing and rehearsing and going over of this stuff and doing everything I would need to do that. Then on the eleventh one I could slough off a little bit yeah and I think people need to kind of. There's a work version enough that you know what I mean. You can be late after he put together. Good Year of being on time but don't do it on the second day even the tonight show the old talent coordinator take the tonight show Jim McCauley when Carson was doing. It would make sure you had five shots ready. Have five shots ready before you do your first that way. Johny likes you. I need to bring you back in two months. I don't have to worry got enough for five separate period. Yes yes. I don't have to worry and then Johnny did big you again and now by now you're six throws around and you've had time to a get ready or B. If we're calling you in an emergency you've got a little bit of leeway a little bit of good yeah well. Let's take that point extrapolate a little bit so something I've been really giving a lot of consideration to you know I'll give you some examples coming up but not having two pairs of glasses on yourself to on that right now hanging from your chest. I want to bring it home. GonNa leave it here so I thought it was wearing them like the preacher no room so people getting what they want. So what now here's what I'm saying I've been thinking about a lot lately okay because I had such a good experience on the Baldwin rose and it started with Mike August finding out that there was the Baldin roast and then sort of prodding me call Baldwin. Tell them you want to in and I was Lima Lima Lawn even here for me like why no one wants to be on their stupid. Ross you know and he went did send a note. Don't tell me you want to be part of it so I went okay and I did and then Baldwin fired back okay you're in you know and then than I did it and then you know sitting next Caitlyn Jenner I was talking to Caitlyn. Jenner called me like Monday and we're just talking about life and porsches. Che's I just sent her sent. Her attacks talking about the poor shelves driving whatever talking cars and then somebody else said to me Larry. David came up talk to you. Why don't you reach out the Larry. David Tell everyday big fan and I kinda want my normal. I don't want to bother demand but I was sort of this mode of like. Oh yeah you do reach out. Make them happy to just sent a note to Baldwin Baldwin. Just sent a note back like hey man. You hit out of the ballpark. Whatever Sarah's going hey bobby. Deniro as man's got knows limitation. Homa point is this. I want goodwill with these people. I want to be part of the next roast. I want to have Caitlyn Jenner on the show. I want and Larry David on the show. I'd like to be on Larry David. Show I don't know but when he thinks of me I would like them to think happy thoughts ought and it will be helpful for me in my endeavors possibly not not a guarantee but then I started sort of thinking about like a recently a was you guys all know this these people they don't really know how to get what they want from you because because they're sort of asking you for things while insulting you or while not keeping up their end of the bargain or whatever it is doing it right famously the my dad so what reminded me is you know years and years ago. I used to lease my data luxury car every year every three years and he would show up now we got to the end of his lease and we'd actually had gone past the end of his lease and I was just paying for it on a monthly basis because I'm friends with Galvin Alpin Ford and they were like just keep it till you want to trade it in and he was way under the mileage because he's an old man doesn't drive anywhere and it's like minimum ten thousand miles in three years thirty thousand miles or whatever and he was lobbying for a new luxury car but I noticed he was driving to my house house at least that day his wife's Honda Cr v. not the Jack and I said you know dad your car's way under mileage and they don't give you money back you just turn it in ten thousand you paid for those miles and it's woven into the lease and you got a luxury automobile that I'm buying you and you ain't driving. You're driving this old. CRV and he said yeah well you know so at the end of the driveway and my car was blocked in or whatever whatever he sad and I said okay but it's factoring during in and your cars under mileage and you should driving the Jagai Lee Shia while we're working out your next Jag or whatever it is and then like two weeks later he showed up again in the CRV just pulled right on in in the and I said Hey dad what what part about driving the car at least you while you're coming over here to lobby for a new lease. Don't don't you understand and he he now. Here's another part to that. I always love. Ah I love when people are proud when that nothing to be proud about like you're paying me to lease your car. Obviously don't have a lot to be proud about but okay and he's like oh it's contingent on the mile and I'm just saying yeah and each one around and eventually I just want. Hey No car for you and it was like okay now. He wanted a free car but he couldn't figure out how to get it and we have to do is drive a slightly lately miffed and insulted when I told him he needed start driving and put mileage on a car. That's an example and by the way if you take a look at his life. It's just a whole bunch of that like like the no. There is no success because he's never been able to extract. I don't mean get people to give you money. I mean like have a relationship with people all sense of decorum. I was talking to someone recently and they were making this pitch like I want to get so and so on your on your podcast and it's not really somebody you've heard of or care about or and there were it. It'd be a favor and then the person I know very well and they kept stopping and going. I've never heard the pockets. I don't even know where it is. I don't know what goes on on. I'm not a fan. I don't know but we get this person on and they kept peppering in but I don't listen listen. Listen and I'm like okay okay. I don't know why your work we in and then later on five minutes over like talking about. La Traffic and the person goes. I don't mind so much now that I got my podcast. I listen to podcasts okay second ago. You're explaining to the person been doing one for day. I've no idea I heard it. I don't I know what this I don't know what the format is. I don't know how it works but he got one and I just thought you're not helping your what your hawes but then I thought why are there so many people that are wired this way. Why is there so what is the dynamic AMAC. What is going on want something? Why and I'm not quizzing you on my podcast there there you could have driven your Jag to my house but you didn't right and you parked right out front and I bet you in the driveway. Why what is going on the people who go people are out of it but that's at that it's not that what is up and it's not a fear of success why are so many people so hell bent on doing this and being and being this way. I think they're locked in their pod. Everybody has a little Opa there and and and that's it just a little pod and they don't understand that there's an actual interaction happening. They're I'm just asking for what they want to talk to. These people L. They're always be a little like if you're talking to him about Thanksgiving thanksgiving. They'll go like oh great. Great meets a little dry but it was great. It was great like they're constantly kind of audio. Jab In you know why why are you doing. Why are you agitating the person you're trying to get things from why why set always part of the scheme and then like with my very passive with my dad. I was it's like hey. I don't really want to see a car if you're not gonNA drive like Oh. I didn't know it was based on how many miles I drove. It's like okay now now. You're out now. You're now. You're way gone reminds. Let me about this if you want. I understand how that would feel that makes sense. Drive it next time. Now you're back in but you just knocked me out of the yeah. It's a sumo sumo's circle. I was sort of teetering around the outside of the sack of rice or whatever they put around there and I just found it a stance yeah with that one. Yes remember that gets them onto pal show when keeping it real goes wrong the people that just can't help themselves. You know what I mean like. They could leave well enough alone. This interaction go very smoothly and variously or you. Just get yeah that one little bit out or get the you know what I mean. Take your pound of flesh or whatever it is and Senate sideways at the same thing but reminds me of that you gotta get yours and and it just GonNa send the whole thing sideways..

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