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This week's project. . Car of the week is actually a van and I'm starting to think I should just call this segment. Mo- . par project of the week just because. . You know I picked more than just cars for the segment. . So be ready for that change. . I'm trying to be a little bit more diverse with the Mo parts that I choose for this segment because I do like mo parts from all areas and all types of Mo- parts and I think that good moped projects aren't just cars sometimes their trucks, , and since I'm on a van kick this week was a van and Let, , me say that I actually set out to find van for this week's project. . There was just one issue there aren't very many out there. . So let's read the ad and then we'll talk some more about vans and why they can make cool projects. . The van featured on this edition of Mo- Project of the week was posted on the Mo- part hundred facebook page on Sunday September sixth at nine. . AM HERE IS THE AD. . Van Three Thousand Nine, , hundred, , ninety, , five, , dollars, , nineteen seventy five, , dodge tradesman shorty three Eighteen v eight auto runs drives and stops pretty well for a forty five year old van. . If you've been looking for one of these, , this is one to consider not showroom ready. . But great start to a street machine serious inquiries only please three, , thousand, , nine, , hundred, , ninety, , five dollars, , or best offer title status is clean. . So. . This ban is a short wheelbase van, , which for these is one hundred, , nine inches compared to the longer versions that one, , hundred, , twenty, , seven inches the van that I wanna buy from Stacey is a hundred, , twenty, , seven inches for wheelbase. . So it's longer than my dad's was since my dad's was a like this van the one in this ad is to tone it has a light blue base with a thick. . Dark blue striped mid body in a dark blue roof. . It has a windshield visor which is very buggy vanish and it has my favorite bubble windows of all time. . The PENTASTAR portholes they are super rare and I'd love to hunt down a set for my future van project. . But if stacy's van ends up being mind, , then I'll just settle for the round portholes unless I can find. . Those awesome. . Pentastar. . Wants this van. . Also has a grant wood grain steering wheel, , which adds to that nostalgic feeling along with that pop up Sunroof, , and it looks like at one point back was done up like seventies custom but right now it's pretty bare, , which is great. . Because most of the time when you find these vans, , the cargo area usually needs to be redone. These . old buggy vans had all shag carpet and cabinets put in Old Saints and. Things . like that. . So chances are if you find one of these, , it'll probably need new carpet and things like that. . This one actually has a plywood floor and looking around it actually looks like the van was originally read. . The good news is that it will be easy to strip the cargo area and get creative to create your own space. . I. . Like the idea of a modern version of a classic book Van Something. . Creative enough that you can go to shows and show it off. . But you can also go camping, , and if you're the nomad life, , you can hit the road and live that van life but it would also be cool to get this thing capable of hauling a race car that way you have a place to store your tools, , parts, , extra tires, , and have a place to stay at the track instead of. . A ten I really liked that idea for me I like all those possibilities but the possibility of having a mobile podcast studio when I go to events would be really cool and if I bring merch with me, , it would make a great display for the Merch to this thing has a three eighteen. . It's running and driving and hey, , it stops too. . So that's always nice <hes> I like projects that you can. . Drive home and this thing is you know that type of a project, , it even has some pin striping on the hood, , which is cool because it's kind of like a throwback. . It does need some new wheels and tires and some fifteen by ten on fats in the back and some fifteen by eight in the front would give this thing that groovy raked stance that was so popular with these vans back. . In the day I, , think that this van is also in desperate need of a front lip spoiler and the fender flares, , which you can surprisingly still find if you look hard enough online but all in all, , I'd say if you were interested in getting a Boogie van for a project for less than four grant, , I think this one is a great candidate I actually did reach out to the seller just to. . Feel the water and see what the temperature was like and it sounds like he's pretty firm with not much wiggle room. . But he said that thirty five, , hundred to the right person would take it home. . WanNa know what I offered him. . But that's a whole nother story since these vans are hard to find think he's in the ballpark the side doors do have a little damage and there's definitely some work probably needs to be done but overall, it , appears to be pretty solid. . So if you're looking to get back into fanning and relive your youth or even if you're a rookie banner, , this would make a fun project keep on Truckin my friends that was Mo- part project of the week Nomo par left behind. . Since we're on the topic of vans. . This week's high-performance part belongs to a custom Shorty Dodge van and the two thousand, , fifteen movie American ultra and because I suck at explaining movies, , I finally come to the realization that from now on I think I'm just GonNa read the Synopsis Straight from Rotten Tomatoes. . So here is the synopsis for American Ultra. . Tomatoes. . American ultra is a fast paced action comedy about Mike Played by Jesse Eisenberg, , a seemingly hapless and unmotivated donor who's small town life with his live in girlfriend phoebe played by Kristen Stewart is suddenly turned upside down unbeknownst to him. . Mike is actually a highly trained lethal sleeper agent in the blink of an eye as a secret past comes back to haunt him. . Mike is Thrust into the middle of deadly government operation and is forced to summon his. . Interaction hero in order to survive. . Now, , where does this sweet Boogie van come in well about seventeen minutes and thirty seconds into the movie Eisenberg's character Mike Meets up with his drug dealer rose played by John Leguizamo to buy illegal fireworks. . The show he wants to put on for when he proposes to phoebe Rachel Rolls Up to the meeting spot in one thousand, , nine, , hundred, , ninety, , four to nineteen, , seventy, six, , , dodge short van with a wild paint scheme which. . To me looks like a vinyl rap, , but

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