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So what I mean is. What I love about the draft. It tells us about one positional value and a lot of that. It's after the first round because you see a lot of best player available. Then you talk about team needs. But it tells you about strategy. It tells you about how we view positions, for example, a guy last week who didn't I don't think we ended up mocking him in the first, and I felt awful about it is Dexter Lawrence out of Clemson who I think seven years ago could have been drafted in the top ten honestly. But because of the way offense is played now. Because of the way defense is played you know, he's not going to be on the field enough. I think to be drafted as high as he would have in the past or positional versatility right now like because defensive play so much nickel and dime. You need guys DB's you can play multiple positions. You can do a lot of different things. Offensive line, right? Because of the nature of passing games left. Tackle, right. Tackle aren't. I think there's the delta between a value between those missions has changed. So I guess I just had a bunch of things. But I want to ask you. In one type of defense a little bit with you, which is sort of your bread and butter what characteristics? Are you looking for now in defensive players? I mentioned a few of the ones I think that are taking that maybe people didn't I guess have evolved. Because of the way the NFL is this. This is a great great question one. We could do an entire podcast alone. The. Yeah, the game has changed a ton it like the way in which teams attack both offense and defensively has changed. Let's say ten fifteen years ago. Okay. Middle linebacker safety were positions that were after thoughts because you thought you know, as long as I have good corners and good outside players and good pass rushers. I'm good. You can find them. You know, you don't ever draft middle linebackers high. You don't have to pay safeties. Because these are the guys who are interchangeable you can find them bargain-basement guys sitting out there on the street late rounds free agent types because you just need corners, and you need. Pass rushes. Well, the game has changed. Why? Because the rules have changed the rules are set up now. So where there is no more. There is no more enforcing an intimidating players in the middle of the field anymore. So teams attack in the middle that field with speed and versatility putting wide receivers. Putting hybrid tight ends in a number two number three spot as far as wide receivers. How how you line them up in attacking between the number. So what do you need? Now, you need middle linebackers, and you need safeties inside linebackers and safeties and nickel corners nickel safeties who can run who can cover who can tackle. And those positions now have increased in terms of importance. That's why you see those those positions being drafted higher and higher in order to counter what is going on offense. Because of the way the rules are. So you're seeing guys, you know, like roquan Smith year ago, you're seeing guys like Devon Bush Devon white who are going to go. Hi, ten audibly because these guys can stop the run, but more. Importantly, they are fast, and they can cover that area between the numbers. That's why safeties are at a premium. That's why guys like Tyron Matthew who's really six position player. We're not talking about the draft. Now, we're talking about free agency..

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