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These guys are sure handed, so I would not worry about that, Um I would not worry about that going forward. Let's go to Frank and Williamsville. You're on the extra point show. It's up, Frank. Everyone should get the first thing I knew, one says if they don't give up a block kick And for seven. It's totally different games. You hit it on the head. Just an interview. You're going to get Jackie Anna and flank there he got. He got rolling to his right how he most often dangerous. But district didn't let him do that. I was watching. It didn't just puts it to end and every time if you be contained if they contain him, and they did. Um, did the defense defense a unbelievably well and opinion? How many balls historic catch Circus catches possible Tip? I mean, democratic or balls like that. It's you Look at the bills. Receivers didn't really help charge that much. Sanders. Well, he was wide open people. Cue balls. Jack Smith. Great. Beginning again. We shouldn't have touched on easy seven point The limit for still more air into that ball, But you just can't give up. You can't give up a in the course outfit every spring with their fourth time it was with they're trying to do. Are we talking about? The bills Fourth down play where they threw it back to the running back. Good decision to go for a bad play. I know what they're doing. And did they do any of those wide receiver screens at all? I'm here. So we're not there yet. It said about running the ball. You got talent? Of course, well past than anyone can run. They're not going to catch it. You know what? I'm saying that when he told me last night. This is throwing league We didn't need to do is run by once in a while to kill the clock at the end of the game. Yeah. Deception, maybe once in a while. But that didn't move because they could run the ball. They didn't execute. Well. Neither gave a black kid who seven points at the end of the game. Hey, pick six interception Return for touchdown. What? The black one return for a touchdown. Do you have a name for that yet? Uh um, There's got to be something out there. You got to make up some ground concert check or whatever you're doing. You create down their geography back. Thanks. Hey, Frank. Sorry to cut you off, man. I gotta get some other callers here. But, um See now. Now you've got me thinking about potential punt nicknames that I forgot about the thing I was going to respond to earlier, fourth down play unless you have a name for a punch. Six. No, I was hoping to get on track. Fourth down. Thank you. Fourth down is exactly where I wanted to go. Brian dabble yesterday. Did say. That he referenced the blood. So McGee he play. 2000 to 2000 and three Fourth down. Blood. So fake QB sneak up the middle. He throws it back to Willis McGahee scored a touchdown. Was it a little too cute? Yes, that might be warranted. But If you criticise that play call Don't ever give the blood. So McGee, he played credit again. Stay consistent. Because if it worked And this is why I'm okay with the play call. If it worked. Brian disable, would be a king today. They were up 10. Nothing at the time. That was really a turning point in the game. Had it succeeded. They would have went on to win the football game and a day that they were not playing good offensively. And Brian Dabble, was trying to get creative. To make something work because simple was not working on Sunday. So, yes, he tried to get a little bit creative, and he reached into Bill's history to do it. Could you imagine if one of the biggest plays of the game had been the bills pulling that off and then table saying, Like, Yeah, Blood, So, McGee, Like we went. We went back. I like that. He's doing that that he's thinking that way. And I don't have a problem with it because If there's any problem I have with it. It wasn't the perfect play call for the situation. The only problem I have with it is maybe doing it against that opponent. Mike Tomlin, Minka Fitzpatrick, Cam Heyward. TJ Watt, like these are not. This is not the cast and crew. That I feel like you're likely to pull one over on. And if there's any criticism of that play call, Maybe it's that Save it for Who can you fool the Jets. You can fool the Jets Don't try to fool Mike Tomlin and Steelers, though. Maybe you can fool the Texans. You can fool Do they play the Raiders this year? That would be the team that I'd be trying to fool even though I know they won yesterday, but Like those teams. Pittsburgh is so well prepared, and they're so strong defensively. They're so smart defensively that if I have any criticism of the play called, maybe it wasn't it wasn't doing it in that situation doing it. In that game script, but maybe doing it against that opponent. See Joe my problem with the play, and it's just total credit to Dan Orlovsky on Get up. He brought up a great point is usually does you know with his telestrator and breaking down all 22 films? Was that you notice how? Who is the receiver on the play that came in motion? Mackenzie. I think it was Mackenzie McKenzie comes in motion across the formation and the defensive back doesn't follow him. So that's a cue that maybe it's not man defense and check out of it. Right. Maybe the check out of it now again, Dan Orlovsky brings up a great point. Did Josh Allen not check out of it. Was there. Not something to get out of that planet was like, all right. This is it that yes. Is all you got for this play. So was it sort of like a cross your fingers and hopes it works no matter what happens. Was there a check that didn't come out of it? I think we have a little bit of blame more so on coaching and Josh and if and if there wasn't anything to check out of it, then it goes on coaching. Whatever the breakdown in communication is there whether it's Brian Dabul, not Leading Allen know before hand like, hey, if they're in man, or if they're in zone Excuse me, Check out of it or Alan? Just not recognizing it like something did break down there. So that's a good point. Because you're right. He comes in motion and the guy that blows the play up is a cornerback. That's our defensive act that's free on the edge, and like his At that point where he's standing burritos, the only guy He needs to account for he. There's nothing else for him to do. So. Of course, he's going to run the map. Brita. The ball just happens to go there and like, Look, I just made a great play. So that was something they were talking about last night in the Manning cast. Did you get cast already? Not yet, but I'm going to save it for a little bit here. But like Was it? Russell Wilson. Maybe saying like, Hey, you know why Derek Carr is throwing Kenyan Drake in motion here? He's trying to see if The defense is in man coverage. And to me, that's why I would have thought Mackenzie was going in motion right in part. Let's see what defense Pittsburgh's in, but then you just didn't you didn't follow through once you had the information. 83 or 5 50 is the phone. Um so again. I'm not. I don't have a problem with the play call, but There. It's not perfect. Didn't like it against that opponent. And as you're bringing this point up about, like, what defense Pittsburgh was in, you got to check out of it at that point, Uh, DJ in Virginia, you're next up on the extra point show it's up, DJ. Hey, Joe, Something I kind of noticed was it just doesn't seem like we make adjustments, especially coming out of halftime. It seems like we always start the second half slow. Uh, something I'd like to see. You know, I'm I'm all for throwing the ball throw as much as we can. The only times I think we should run. It is if there if the other team just to keep them honest. Keep men in the box. I think we should do a little run motion with Singletary if no one followed it. Line them out outside. If no one follows him in, you know, Run the boss. If someone does, you know we're throwing it again. But, you know, I think the play calling was fine. Just You know, we just didn't come out to play that day, and we could fool them with that play Call on Washington Week three. Definitely washed to pick for that. Thank you and all. That's what you guys got Say thanks for the call. DJ didn't think of Washington because they I got respect for Ron Rivera. And they've got ballers on defense. Chase Young at the at the top of that list. Um, but okay..

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