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Listening. I'm hearing you the second that sympathetic that much more intuitive and much more listening rather than simply talking. It's kind of the key thing right now. The with with my wife. That trying to to publicize is the importance of people closest to those suffering. Meant to help. Because they're the ones that can often in inverted commas. Save a life we think pretty powerful so. Let me just check that. I've understood this correctly. So there's red flags and they'll be different for everyone and it's usually to look out for. Are they doing something that's out of character. Not their normal pattern behavior then to ask twice first to say. I'm not use normal self. Are you okay and then to ask again because the concern is still there. Are you okay. And then not to jump in with frac advice. Do this do that. Get your guardrails up. That presumably comes later. The i m mental health. First aid is to listen with empathy and to get the person to talk and unpack it. Set correct the third was important because it doesn't come naturally to most people particularly men. I'm going to be so but but you want to give a solution okay. Some offering well do this do that do this. That's not what's needed is not worth it. And it's funny because my wife mail. She's very rational person. And so. When i was ill for round had temptation was to the to solutions case you got you stressed what. He need coffee things off you to do this. Why insights the kind of thing. Well it was great advice but she could have been speaking a foreign language. It wasn't. I didn't need that time. That says Digital thing to do and when my daughter too much into the mix model. Emily had really bad of anorexia and for many years and with my wife myself we became a harris was quite interesting to see mild becoming much. Much more irrational. Tim has she dealt with. Emily having learned about how she dealt with me so to speak. So i think it's something where it's tried to be able to speak two languages because the language of rational is really important because quite practical getting things done for the language of channel is as in posted because this is was the one language are knocks. The person you're talking to and doing that. Can you get to the rational stage of of putting up. Your mental health rails. When is there a tipping point where you go from the language of the irrational to. Let's do something to support you is that led by the person who's struggling or is that led by the person prompting. The conversations could screw question. It's like what would be cared about the. It's not either all. I mean it's just. The default is jump straight into the language. Arash land sold a problem. Can you buy tongue and not talk whereas usually what the tool. Now you're going to have to the key thing about in mental health is likely you will need to with your loved one. Do something about it so imagine the in not well against too bad todd econ purely rely upon the language irrational get nothing done said need. Some help needed prior to do something about this. What was forced with mel myself. Swath my door was concerned. Ed was when. Emily was many years as we come away but the play..

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