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Six eight hundred eighteen that's eight hundred two to six eight hundred eighteen eight hundred two to six eighteen eighteen or go to selectquote dot com. Since nineteen eighty five we shop you save. Get full details on the example policy. It's dot com slash commercials. Your price could vary depending on your health, issuing company, and other factors. Not available in all states. Hi, RIC Edelman here. Join me this Saturday for the answers to all your questions on investments taxes, planning for retirement mortgages, getting your kids into college and more. It's the RIC Edelman show every Saturday at ten on six hundred a MWR AC six hundred and ninety two point one FM. Diffusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program. Google Facebook, Microsoft Dragonfly in China. And the mixing of tech, and our intelligence community has already happened now tech and the government coming together people are saying in Washington that they wanna break these tech companies up. What does that mean for you? And is that the right thing, or is that quite honestly, I think a bluff something that politicians are saying to get them to toe the line and give them access to the information that they are looking for we go into that and red pill America in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program. All right. There is a national shortage.

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