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Governments international organizations and civil society must continue to work together to support women and girls in afghanistan. Why hillary clinton it's really strange. There's one other tape here. I want to get to which is a lot of people. Say charlie who is to blame for this now. We could blame a lot of insurgent institutions but we also most look at ourselves people like ilan omar and the hatred for america. It was actually inculcated and actually brought by our own institutions cut. Eight america is very good at teaching people to hate their home cut. Eighty eight so the obvious response to that is attack. Port johan omar but. We're not gonna do that. The truth is this is our fault. She is our fault. Johan omar is living proof that we are not very good at resettling refugees. She was saved from refugee camp in kenya as he child by the kindness and generosity of america and yet she is grown to hate america and the people who live here. Where did she learn those attitudes. Well of course in college our colleges. We're taught her to hate our country. She became worse after she got here. And that's what will happen to the thirty potentially happened the thirty thousand plus new refugee resettlement program sponsored by our own government because you can know when planes taking off from kabul right now americans get the shaft out of two thousand people that comes. Three hundred were american. Seventeen hundred people were foreigners on our planes. That's not putting america first. What is joe biden doing. Knock on wood says. I hope it gets better. Hope is not a strategy incompetence does not instill confidence in the future of our nation or our country. I'm gonna end this hour like i do. Many hours republicans. Your voters are pleading with you to please start fighting for your nation start standing up for their values and holding these people and check time has dramatically running out also keep your prayers going for the people in afghan in kabul in afghanistan. It's not gonna get any better because of something that our government is doing. unfortunately it is. It is a very sad state of affairs. Thanks so much for listening everybody. Email us your thoughts. Freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com. And if you want to support us. It's charlie kirk dot com slash support. Thanks so much for listening everybody. God bless for more on many of these stories and news you can trust. Go to charlie kirk dot com..

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