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That draft in the June in free agency set to start this week I think everybody in the sports business or like a Middle East well so let's talk about no NFL those who want Brady is the biggest story in NFL free agency history they don't want to cook krone virus impact on sports more importantly the health and welfare of America and all mankind is rightfully front the center right now no wait thank you when a for a dysregulated south they can adjust her schedule so all season work cause rookie camp sites I know some franchise tag is going on right now and then that would walk it up to free agency it's going to be different for everybody Major League Baseball I heard Jodi Mack from CBS sports radio talk and I think it was Bob Nightengale USA today baseball insider that you know he's hearing rumblings of Memorial Day weekend might be the opening day play a hundred games in have the playoffs that's fine NBA you can go until late April early may can you take the top rated in the Eastern Conference stopping at the Western Conference and have playoffs maybe have shorter series until the NBA finals maybe just seven game series for the conference finals and the NBA finals same thing with the Stanley Cup playoffs so there is time I believe the pros will figure it out the colleges in these kids in spring sports center a good young men young women loosen that there is a consensus that we'll get an extreme of eligibility or release the seniors will be able to come back for a loose in a season where you could head it'll D. one D. two D. three I like the idea that the seniors on all all teams that were slated to play in the conference tournaments in the NCW tournaments that have that senior isn't moving on to the NBA or the private sector and just wants to be done with school although senior should have a chance to come back after what was not taken away from them by force but by necessity that all seniors Sydney and get expanded rosters for next year like I said that you can't go by the book and say what's out there can do that maybe it would be on balanced on I'm sorry if one team had a lot of seniors in another team then or you have recruits coming in you just expand rosters well we'll be fair well it's not fair that the tournament was canceled conference tournaments in the NC double a tournament so let's say a Cassius Winston from Michigan state if his MBA stock was in that high anyone to come back for another go around he could if he wanted to role players would have that option if they fit the coaches would be honest with them other recruits might become in the take their scholarship but no when there would be an expanded roster I don't have an issue with that and it's not gonna be fair balanced what you need to do to try and make things right high school go down the youth lakes high school junior colleges D. one D. two D. three you name it whatever you need to do to make it right whenever we get back on that road to normalcy then do it no one's going to complain no no one's going to argue that a senior who had his or her chances in the winter sports championships this this just isn't a basketball thing you know frozen for NC double a frozen four in Detroit wiped out they all all the seniors young men and women should have an opportunity to be granted an additional year of eligibility that's because the board if you don't have a senior laden team then you know what your team will get a chance next year if you had a senior laden team then they're not robbed have the ability to win a conference tournament championship and possibly in NC double a title same thing with the spring sports yeah I think the NC double a new that because when they canceled the D. one D. two ND three men's and women's basketball tournaments when they also announced that all winter championships and all spring participation in championships we're just eliminated they knew they were going to grant the extricity's I think most sports leagues have handled this as good as they can I really do I think the positive Rudy Gobert go bear coronavirus covert nineteen announcement was really the first shockwave and then the MBA right away they had met earlier they had two options play without spectators or suspend the season and once go bare tested positive they just went with we're suspending the season a lot of people on them what if only to do something another draft was until April twenty third that's not in season they didn't have to do they worn on the clock I get everybody needs some clicks and hits in a storyline NHL suspended their season HL G. league minor league baseball PGA tour at you you you played that first round Billy wasn't the right thing to do it's kind of like the Biggie still playing I have a thing was a Creighton the forget who they were planted there just the timing you have a lot of decisions I get that this is a fluid situation so I don't think I blame anybody I mentioned here in Michigan the Michigan high school athletic association they've they've been so spot on on not over reacting in understanding that they want to give their winter sports a chance even in April okay in their championships in all sports for boys and girls my kids are off school till April fifth we got like three weeks and then there's spring breakers like April fifth to the twelfth so they couldn't get in four weeks there's nothing normal about this I get people are cleaning out grocery store shelves and fourteen sanitizer and toilet paper and whatever they can find the man I've heard medical professionals on the show and my statewide show in Michigan on twenty stations they have advice these are medical professionals the hysteria should not be part of your daily routine it's not an author I've talked because I want to lean on them I'm not a medical professional I don't have.

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