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Looking pretty decent out there for now, but that's going to change. Would certainly is Hillary. A wintry mix moves into the area. This happens during the late morning and midday hours tomorrow. Little Winter Storm warning for Upper Montgomery Loud in Northern flock Here Frederick counties in Maryland and Virginia, the entire 81 quarter or, in fact, a Panhandle of West Virginia. So this is the most serious alert this winter Storm warning. We also know have a winter weather advisory for lower Montgomery, Fairfax, Prince William Southern Flock here Eastern Howard counties as well as the city of Baltimore, and then we can Menus out then East World Flood watches, in effect for Anna Rondell Prince George's Charles ST Mary's in Calvert counties. So we're talking about rain. Heavy rain at times east of I 95 Right around here in the D. C. Metro area will have rain mixing with snow at first and then just becoming a plain rain. So we're not expecting much in the way, if anything at all of accumulation right around the belt, they but you had north and west of the Beltway into parts of Upper Montgomery, Louden and Frederick counties. Here we're calling for snowfall amounts anywhere from about 6 to 12 inches even higher amounts. The farther north and west you go. Again. This unfolds drought tomorrow and tomorrow night temperatures are in the thirties. I would say mid to upper thirties in Washington and areas south and he's and low thirties north and west as we look to Thursday, we'll have Heinz in the thirties to near 40 Tonight, Lows fall into the twenties to low thirties sky has become cloudy out there currently across the region right now, outside of our studios in northwest Washington, 40 39 in Temple Hills 39. Out of dollars. All right, Amelia, Thanks for 11. Now on double d T o p FBI agent apparently.

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